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RSPCA bravery award for terrier who saved owner from a fire in Bristol

Terrier will be awarded RSPCA plaque

The RSPCA is recognising the bravery and persistence of a terrier who saved the life of her elderly owner when she did not realise her bed was on fire.

Barbie is a seven-year-old Jack Russell Terrier who lives with her owner 72-year-old Rosemary Field in Bristol.

In the early hours of Friday 1 March, Mrs Field was asleep and unaware that a lit bedside lamp had fallen onto her bed. The hot bulb burned a hole through a quilt, two fleece blankets, a sheet, and another under-blanket before setting fire to her mattress.


Gravesend couple get dog ban after neglecting puppies

A Gravesend couple, who neglected four lurcher-type puppies to the extent that they were very thin and one was falling over and reluctant to walk, have been given a five year ban on keeping dogs.

Graham Gibbons, 34, and Fallon Poole, 29, of Oak Road in Gravesend pleaded guilty to charges of causing unnecessary suffering by failing to provide a suitable diet and veterinary care for the puppies who were believed to be about 6-8 weeks old.


RSPCA welcomes EFRA call for effective action on dog ownership

Animal charity backs report’s criticism of Government

The RSPCA has backed criticism of the Government’s failure to properly tackle irresponsible dog ownership, made in a new House of Commons committee report.

Britain’s biggest animal charity supports many of the recommendations the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs select committee (EFRA) today made in its report on dog control and welfare.

Among the recommendations, the committee suggests the introduction of consolidated dog legislation, Dog Control Notices and tighter limits on unlicensed dog breeding.


Send a Valentine card and help the RSPCA

The RSPCA is hopeful that this Valentine’s Day will be full of love and kindness for animals as 65 per cent of people said they send greetings cards ‘from’ their pet to close family and friends. (This one's for cat lovers - there are also dog photos.)

Buy your cards and gifts from

Share the love with aniamls in need this Valentine's Day

The RSPCA is hopeful that this Valentine’s Day will be full of love and kindness for animals as 65 per cent of people said they send greetings cards ‘from’ their pet to close family and friends.
Buy your cards and gifts from

Share the love this Valentine's Day and help animals in need

Buy your cards and gifts from

The RSPCA is hopeful that this Valentine’s Day will be full of love and kindness for animals as 65 per cent of people said they send greetings cards ‘from’ their pet to close family and friends.
A further 16 per cent of people said that everyone in their social circle receives greetings cards from their pet, a survey showed.

If you’re one of these animal lovers, you can send Valentine’s Day charity gifts that not only include greetings from yourself and your pet, but also raise funds for the RSPCA’s vital animal welfare work.


RSPCA reminder not to buy pups as presents

87 puppies seized during RSPCA investigation into puppy trafficking

Public warned not to buy pets as presents after warrant

Thursday 29 November 2012

More than 80 puppies have been seized during a major RSPCA investigation into puppy trafficking and the alleged sale of sick dogs via internet ads.

RSPCA inspectors also discovered four dead puppies – including two left in a bucket in the footwell of a parked car – when they carried out three warrants across Stockport and Greater Manchester yesterday morning (28.11.12) as part of Operation Pagan.


RSPCA Cymru has published its first ever report into the welfare of dogs in Wales

Dog Welfare Indicators Wales brings together a collection of indicators that provide a unique insight into the welfare of the nation’s favourite pet.

Highlights from the report include:

• 84% of the public in Wales support proposals to legislate on
dangerous dogs and irresponsible owners.
• 82% of the public in Wales support an annual compulsory dog
registration scheme.
• More than 10,000 dogs were dealt with by local authorities in Wales,
costing over two million pounds to local tax payers.
• In 2011 the RSPCA achieved 99 convictions for causing unnecessary


RSPCA wants unacceptable dog laws changed

Dog law delays are unacceptable claim RSPCA

Public pressure is key to lobbying Government department

The continued persecution of dogs based on their physical appearance is unacceptable and the law needs to change, the RSPCA says.

Britain’s biggest animal welfare charity claims the Government is dragging its heels over promises to reform dog control legislation – despite nearly nine out of 10 people arguing that the current law doesn’t protect the public effectively.*


Support the RSPCA's Born to Suffer campaign

Are you aware of the RSPCA's Born to Suffer campaign (which aims to improve the health and welfare of pedigree dogs)? Since they launched the campaign at the end of December last year, more than 16,000 people have signed the petition calling for pedigree dog breed standards to be reviewed and put health and welfare above looks.

Their plan is to present the final petition numbers to the Kennel Club as a demonstration of the scale of public support for a review of the breed standards. You can find out more about the campaign here:



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