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Dachshund breed profile

Training and intelligence
Dachshunds can be a challenge to train, and do not generally excel at obedience training. Being independent and clever, they have a tendency to want to do things their way. If you don't find the right way to motivate them they may well be stubborn.

Dachshunds can be quite independent, in that they tend to like to do things their way. They are playful and affectionate. There are smooth and wire haired strains, with the latter being more out-going, although all are capable of having their own opinions, which they will act on if they feel it necessary.

Attitude towards strange dogs and people
Dachshunds need to be socialised in as many different situations and with as many differnet people and dogs as possible. They will especially need to be socialised with children if they are to have a positive attitude towards them.

Grooming and shedding
Dachshunds have three different coat types - smooth, long and wire haired. Obviously there will be more grooming in terms of brushing with a long hiared, while a smooth haired is easier to maintain. The wire haired coat will probably need attention from a professional groomer in the form of strippnig and trimming.

The Dachshund will need exercising - they were bred to hunt, and can have a surprising amount of energy for such a short legged dog. Be careful of their back though, and do not encourage jumping or any activity that might jar the spine unecessarily.

Need for company
Dachshunds tend to bond most closely with one person, and then be their shadow! They do enjoy time with people, although they will tolerate being left for short periods if accustomed to it.

These little dogs have a big bark. So long as you take care with their long backs, Dachshunds should have a long life.


These dogs are awesome and are best when raised in pairs. My two dachshunds are sisters and they take such great care of each other. They are great companions and love to cuddle. Although they eat everything including their own poo. This eventually became a problem for one of my dogs and she died of inflammatory bowel disease. The other dog broke her back running down a flight of stairs, but she underwent surgery and is now healthier than ever. Just watch out for their stomachs and backs and you wont regret getting a wiener dog. You will have someone to cuddle with every night!

I am 18 years old now and I have had my oldest Dachshund since I was eight. He is my best friend and has been extremely loyal to me since I got him 10 years ago. Dachshunds have been part of our family for generations, and now I can see why! Their playfulness, compassion, and loyalty make them the best breed for someone at any age.

I have 4 longhair male mini dachshunds. My oldest dachshund is 7 years old, my youngest is 10 months. This breed definitely likes to have things go their way, but at the same time, they love to please. Dachshunds are very intelligent, and at times I honestly believe my boys know what I'm saying to them. This breed can be a challenge at times, and that's what makes them so special, and what they give in return is worth every minute of owning one. My dachshunds are such a big part of our family, and they continue to make it part of their day to make us laugh, and simply enjoy life.

they are the best

These dogs are very intelligent, genuine a badgger. They make perfect companions, tv watchers, house protectors, very funny comedianes.
Males are great mates for female owners. Must watch their weights because of their backs. They seek adventure, they are consciencious about the weather. They make good eaters of meat, vegetables and fruit.

Our dachshund Betty will be 12 years old this Saturday. She is still full of live and loves to chase squirrels - absolutely the doxie ever!

They are such cute little dogs!!! We have two right now- Kady is five and Cooper is three. We absolutely adore them, and they are spoiled rotten!!! Kady rules the house, no question. Dachshunds are so smart and funny, even if they are a bit yappy. I love Dachshunds and will definately at least one for the rest of my life!!!!

They are the most precious things in the world! If I could, I would have them all!

I think they are so CUTE!!! I have a miniature dachshund and he is very cute and adorable :). Though mine is very stuburn and hates other dogs!
:):):):):) love Samantha

Simply the best companion dog. As long as you're willing to take them as another family member, dachshunds will make the best dog you'll ever own (or should I say, that will ever OWN YOU).

Loving and playful, sweet and sensitive to your emotions. A good companion and friendly fellow. Little thiefs! Whole fishes we were about to cook, whole chocolate cakes (poor fellow got sick), a whole loaf of bread, a full kaiser bun sandwitch! He strikes if you just turn away a moment and he learned to pull table cloths off tables in order to get what he wants. Recently he learned how to stretch himself and pull off the place mats after we stopped using a table cloth. You have to be extra careful not to leave food anywhere he can get to.

Dachshunds are very independent and VERY stubborn! I have a miniature dachshund and i absolutely love her to death. She is about a year and a half years old and she has the biggest personality! I would recommend getting a dachshund if anyone is looking! The only thing I would say negatively about them is that since they are stubborn, it is difficult to potty train them and they are very territorial. They love to be with their owners, but they aren't too excited when others come around. They really are wonderful dogs, though!


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