RSPCA launches free pet fur-st aid guide

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Pet First Aid Guide
Pet First Aid Guide
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Charity aims for pet owners to be prepared in a crisis
Do you know how to carry out CPR on your cat, what to do if your dog is choking or how to help a pet in shock? The RSPCA’s brand new free downloadable Pet First Aid Guide has everything owners need to know in an emergency.

As the UK’s oldest and largest animal welfare charity, the RSPCA hopes pet owners will download the guide onto their smartphone so they can be as prepared and knowledgeable as possible, should a crisis happen. The guide is available to download free* from now.

James Yeates, chief veterinary officer at the RSPCA, who helped write the guide, said: “This pet first aid guide is an essential for all dog and cat owners.

“Hopefully they will never need to use it but it’s good to know what to do if an emergency happens.

“Obviously in the situation like a cut, a burn or if your dog or cat stops breathing you need to speak to a vet straight away and get them seen to as soon as possible - but in an emergency situation every moment is crucial so if you can start first aid before you get to the vets it can really help. You could also ask your vet to show you some of the techniques at your pet’s next visit so you can be confident in using them.

“The guide can be downloaded onto a smartphone so pet owners will have the reassurance that help is at hand in the event of an emergency.”

Easy to navigate and read on any smartphone, the first aid guide covers what to do in the following emergency circumstances until you can get your pet vet care.
● Choking,
● Not breathing,
● No heartbeat,
● Signs of shock,
● Signs of poisoning,
● Seizures,
● Burns,
● Heat stroke,
● Internal and external bleeding and
● Fractures.

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