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RSPCA - Owners urged to give ‘Perfectly imperfect’ hounds a chance

To mark the RSPCA’s Ruffs online dog show with a difference, the charity
is hoping people will start to look twice at these ‘wonky’ dogs in need of
a new home.

This Friday, February 20, marks the closing of entrants for RSPCA Ruffs
2015 - the charity’s alternative online dog show.

To challenge the traditional beauty pageant style dog shows, which judge
dogs primarily on looks, even when its these looks which can cause them to
suffer, ‘Ruffs’ celebrates them for the right reasons - their welfare and
happiness - whether they are pedigrees, crossbreeds, rescues or otherwise.

Now in its second year, Ruffs has been overwhelmed with dog owners who
wanting to share the stories of their happy hounds, their ex-breeding dogs
rescued from lives as ‘puppy machines’ and their wonky dogs who have
suffered at the hands of abusers.

In order to give people an idea what it means by ‘Perfectly Imperfect’, the
charity has released a list of some of the ‘wonky’ dogs currently in its
care who are looking for a brand new home.

“These loving dogs are the very epitome of Ruffs and each one comes with
their own story,” said Ruffs organiser Violet Owens

“From Bruno, who is missing two things in life: most of his hair and
a home to call his own to Frank, who had his tail and ears cut
off - they are great examples of dogs who may not look ‘perfect’ according
to ‘breed standards’ but just like any other dog, deserve a second chance
at happiness,” she added.

Other dogs include one-eyed Pepper, who was unfortunately used for badger
baiting and her owner failed to get treatment for her injuries. Pepper had
terrible injuries to her face, her eye was so badly injured that it had to
be removed.

Then there is white collie Milo, who is deaf and partially
sighted, so is constantly overlooked as people are often not able to look
past his ‘imperfections’.

Ruffs closes for entrants on Friday 20 February and the RSPCA would like
to hear from people who have rescued dogs who may not be perfect according
to a set of breed standards, but are ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ in their eyes.
To enter your dog into Ruffs 2015, simply email a photo/s of your dog/s to with a short (no more than 500 words) paragraph
about your dog and what categories you’re entering him/her/them in

These are just a few of the ‘perfectly imperfect hounds looking for homes.
If you would like more information on these, or any other dogs in RSPCA
care please go to:

Case studies


Frank is a 5 year old Cane Corso who was imported from the Ukraine. He has
unfortunately had his ears cropped and tail docked whilst he was in the

He has never been trained in English so is slowly learning basic commands
and will now sit and give his paw. He is a big boy (around 50kg) and will
need a strong owner who is willing to continue with his training.

Frank is in our Northamptonshire branch

07840 926122


Bruno is missing two things in life; most of his hair, and a home to call
his own. He says he's not bothered about the hair (he has a vast array of
stylish coats), but he is keen to find a loving home. Bruno can be a little
shy at first, but once he realises you have TREATS, you will have a friend
for life. He is wishing for kind owners who will take him under their wing
and show him the world isn't such a scary place after all. Bruno finds
younger children and other dogs a little overwhelming at times, so would
benefit from a quieter household where he can lap up all the attention.

Bruno is at RSPCA Bryn-y-Maen

0300 123 0745


Pepper has been in our care since July 2014 due to being part of a cruelty
case. She was unfortunately used for badger baiting and her owner failed to
get treatment for her injuries. Pepper had terrible injuries to her face,
her eye was so badly injured that it had to be removed, the rest of her
injuries have healed well and now her fur has grown back you can hardly

Pepper is at R S P C A, Block Fen Animal Centre

0300 123 0726


Milo is a beautiful 4 year old male collie. He is a lovely boy and has been
super with everyone he has met at the Centre.

Although Milo is deaf and believed to be partially sighted he still manages
to lead a normal life. He loves to play with toys, especially tug toys and
mixes with other dogs really well.

As Milo is a typical border collie and far too intelligent for his own
good, he is finding kennel life very stressful. Before coming into our care
Milo was kept in a small indoor cage which has led to him developing a
spinning habit that he has continued to do at the Centre. We are currently
working on this and whoever adopts him will need to be prepared to carry
the work on at home. The key to stopping the spinning is to break the habit
so to enable this Milo will need a busy household where someone is around
most of the time and where there are lots of things going on.

As Milo is deaf he will never be able to be off his lead in a public place
so would benefit greatly from living somewhere with enclosed land.

If you are interested in adopting Milo please contact RSPCA Halifax 01422


Daniel came into our care in a terrible state and was completely bald and
very sore. He has since been given some special baths and is feeling much
better...Now all he needs is a new loving home to call his own.

He is a cheeky little monkey who is after an experienced new owner who will
be firm with him.

Daniel will more than likely require ongoing treatment for his skin, our
centre vet would speak to potential adopters regarding any future care he
may require.

Daniel is at R S P C A, Block Fen Animal Centre 0300 123 0726


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