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Episode 110 - Newfoundlands and recovering from pet loss

Released Sat October 9, 2010
Length: 1:12:53
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Newfoundlands are a breed of dog who sometimes find themselves in need of a new home simply because they've grown too large. We talk to the owners of some rescue Newfies about their beautiful dogs' stories as we help commemorate forty years of the Newfoundland Club welfare. Karen Litzinger has experienced dog loss and is a qualified counsellor. She has produced a CD Heal Your Heart to help comfort those grieving for a pet. In the DogCast Radio News there are stories of exceptional Guide Dogs and police dogs who Tweet. Plus what's your advice for a Beagle owner with a problem?

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Episode 109 - Coprophagia and cruciate ligament surgery

Released Sat September 11, 2010
Length: 0:49:59
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Coprophagia - or eating poo - is one of the more disgusting habits a dog can have. A listener is trying to tackle this problem with her two dogs, and veterinarian and author Nancy Kay has expert avdvice. Cruciate ligament rupture is one of the most common problems of the hind leg in dogs - but there is every chance a dog can live a full, happy, "normal" life after treatment. Surgeon John Davies who performed TPLO on Star has all the information you need. Plus the DogCast Radio News and how great our dogs are at developing strategies to get what they want.

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Episode 108 - Sue London and Schutzhund

Released Sat August 14, 2010
Length: 1:00:25
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Sue London, the Canadian Dog Whisperer, had major health problems that nearly resulted in her death, but the love of her Shih Tzu Rocky pulled her through, and now she wants to offer that healing to others. Schutzhund is a fascinating and demanding dog sport which host Julie was lucky enough to participate in - how did she enjoy getting up close and personal with a German Shepherd? In the DogCast Radio News hear about the growing problem of dog obesity - and is there a connection to the increasing variety of dog food on offer? Plus did you know next month is National Dog Adoption Month? All this and more!

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Episode 107 - Karen Wild and Chiengora

Released Sat July 10, 2010
Length: 0:55:31
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Chiengora is knitting or weaving with dog hair - Fran Pike is an expert from gathering the fur to what items to make with it. Karen Wild is a dog trainer who enjoys working with people just as much as working with dogs, and has been involved in an innovative project at a school for children with special needs. In the DogCast Radio News hear about the dog whose house blew away, the dog who outgrew his house, and the dog whose mail chewing habits nearly brought him to a sticky end. Plus have we made dogs stupid simply by domesticating them? Sit, stay and listen!

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Episode 106 - The working life of a herding dog and Canix

Released Sat June 12, 2010
Length: 0:48:55
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Hear from Border Collie expert Joyce Geier what a working herding dog's life entails - and about the Hallmark Channel's movie, You Lucky Dog, where a rescue Collie is taken on to help herd sheep, and heal a family. Canix - cross country running with your dog - is a great way to get yourself and your dog fit and trim, Richard Cook has all the answers you need. In the DogCast Radio News hear about the rescue dog being helped out by a famous little blue pill and how hard life can be for David Beckham's dog. Download us to your MP3 and let us entertain you as you go out and about with your dog.

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Episode 105 - Bel Mooney and Dachshund profile

Released Sat April 10, 2010
Length: 1:03:28
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Writer and broadcaster was happily married to Jonathon Dimbleby, then her life fell apart when he left her, and it was left to her tiny rescue Maltese Bonnie to help her rebuild her life. She talks about her experiences and her book Small dogs can save your life. Dachshunds can look sweet but it can be a huge mistake to judge the nature of the dog by its appearance, hear the truth from Molly Morlino of Hill Country Dachshunds. In the DogCast Radio News hear the contrasting stories of the dog who slept through a burglary and the dog who truly went the extra mile to save his family from a fire. In Buddy's Diary, Buddy tells of the devastating consequences of Star being over-enthusiastic on a walk. Cuddle up with your favourite canine companion and enjoy DogCast Radio.

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Episode 104 - Dog Tricks for Dummies and Flyball

Released Sat April 10, 2010
Length: 0:54:22
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Sarah Hodgson is the author of Dog Tricks & Agility For Dummies. As well as being a prolific author, Sarah is a columnist, media personality and inventor, she talks about how simple, natural canine behaviours can be taught on command and developed. Flyball is a fast and furious dog sport, involving teams of four dogs racing over four jumps to collect tennis balls. The DogCast Radio team went along to a training session with the Carry Ons flyball team and found out exactly what flyball entails, what sort of dogs it suits, and how it can give some dogs the outlet they need. In the DogCast Radio News hear how dogs can convey different meanings in their growls, how a lurcher involved in a car accident had her body rebuilt, and how Kelly Osbourne sustained an injury breaking up a dog fight. Plus how did Buddy get on when he auditioned for Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber's Wizard of Oz?

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Episode 103 - Crufts 2010 and Dee Green

Released Sat March 20, 2010
Length: 0:50:29
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Episode 102 - Kathryn Segura, Hollywood Dog Wrangler

Released Sat February 13, 2010
Length: 0:59:32
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  • Kathryn Segura, Dog Wrangler - interview
  • News
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Episode 101 - Stan Rawlinson, The Original Doglistener and Darlene Arden The Pet Expert

Released Sat January 9, 2010
Length: 1:13:28
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  • Pet expert Darlene Arden - interview
  • The original Doglistener - interview
  • The oldest dog in the world - interview
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