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Episode 134 - Scruffts and Women and Dog Training


Released Sat July 14, 2012
Length: 0:51:30
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Roger Alan Bernard talks about the reasons women encounter dog training problems, we celebrate the crossbreed with a trip to a Scruffts heat, and remember dogs who have been loved and lost recently. Plus the DogCast Radio News with the stories other news sources might just have overlooked.

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Episode 133 - C.A.R.I.A.D. and Piper the painting Bulldog


Released Sat June 9, 2012
Length: 0:48:23
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The Guardian campaign wants dog owners to be called guardians as it described their role better. C.A.R.I.A.D. is a coalition fighting puppy farming in Wales and their unscrupulous practices. When artist Jessica Stone adopted a Bulldog with special needs who could have foreseen that the dog would also have an arty side? Plus the DogCast Radio News and more.

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Episode 132 - Golden Retriever profile and Barknight


Released Sat May 12, 2012
Length: 1:02:23
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Profile of the ever popular Golden Retiever, Bark Night, a celebration of our dogs, plus the DogCast Radio news, Dogs for the Disabled's Big Dog's Breakfast and more.

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Episode 131 - The Gift of Growl and Difficult Dog Training


Released Sat April 21, 2012
Length: 0:54:18
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Most of us have heard our dogs growl - but do you realise how precious a gift your dog's growl can be? A growl is a warning that a dog is unhappy, and should alert the owner that action is necessary. However, the form that action takes is crucial to your dog's happiness - the important thing is never to scold a growl; so just how should we respond to a growl? Pat Miller has the answers. She explains why dogs growl and how we should react.

While most dogs and owners take to dog training with very few problems, and enjoy classes and the company of other dogs, what happens to those who have a demanding or aggressive or noisy dog? It can be difficult for them to find help, and almost impossible for them to find a situation to let their dog work out how they should be behaving. Steven Havers is an expert on difficult demanding dogs, and many of the dogs who attend his classes have been rejected by other trainers.

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Episode 130 - Crufts 2012 Part 2


Released Sat March 31, 2012
Length: 0:57:36
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The second part of our Crufts coverage including interviews with Susan McKeon whose Greyhound lead her into a whole new career, Sealyham Terrier breeder Harry Parsons, The Blue Cross's Education Development Manager Tracy Genever talks about the charity's rebrand, plus interviews from those competing and judging in the Heelwork to Music finals, and youngsters getting involved in the Young Kennel Club.

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Episode 129 - Crufts 2012 Part 1


Released Sat March 24, 2012
Length: 1:01:22
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Crufts 2012 - Carolyn Menteith, Paul Keevil, Nina Ottosson, Dr. Roger Mugford, Dr. Claire Guest, Lesley Nicol (Mrs Patmore from Downton Abbey) and more, plus Bruce Fogle talks about his photo competition Scratched and Chewed.

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Episode 128 - Debbie Connolly discusses Crufts 2012 vet checks


Released Tue March 13, 2012
Length: 0:30:30
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At Crufts 2012 the Best of Breed dog in fifteen high profile breeds had to face a vet check - and in six of those breeds the dogs failed the check and were disqualified. This move has attracted a lot of comment, and in this indepth interview dog expert Debbie Connolly gives her insights into and opinions on the issue.

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Episode 127 - Nature vs nurture, and How dogs combat stress


Released Sat February 11, 2012
Length: 1:15:10
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Author and life coach Bonnie Church highlights how dogs help us cope with stress. Expert trainers Debbie Connolly and Nick Jones debate nature vs nurture in response to a listener's question about her Shiba Inu. In the DogCast Radio News hear how the Cairn Terrier may become the twelfth official state dog - but can you name the other eleven?

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Episode 126 - The Russian Dog Wizard in America and dogs in Australia


Released Sat December 17, 2011
Length: 0:52:14
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Nowadays it can sometimes seem we are awash with dog whisperers, but there's only one dog wizard! Listen to this interview with Vladamir Roytapel, the Russian Dog Wizard who has a long history of training dogs, having trained dogs for the Russian government, the Red Army and the KGB.

Listener Sarah Ginis has lived in Australia for over twenty years. She lives in South Australia, is passionate about dog rescue, and has become aware of a dog related problem in her area that has not been getting any attention.

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Episode 125 - Joe Inglis's diet advice and Renee Premaza on saving Jack


Released Sun December 11, 2011
Length: 0:51:13
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TV vet Joe Inglis has excellent advice on giving our dogs the best diet possible. Renee Premaza shares her moving story of saving troubled Collie Jack. Plus the DogCast Radio News includes the sexiest man alive's love of dogs, and a festive story Barnaby's Christmas.

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214 - incredible Kratu and Frankie the biggest dog that ever was

Two wonderful dogs fill this episode with magic and magnificence. Kratu was born in Romania, and life looked bleak - but at 5 weeks he was rescued, and his story has now touched hearts around the world. Frankie was a tiny puppy mill puppy, but his spirit and heart were so huge that he inspired his owner to write Frankie, The Biggest Dog That Ever Was. The DogCast Radio News brings you a special festive feel good round up.

189 - The Dog Healers and War Dogs Remembered

In this episode you can hear Mark Winik talk about his debut novel, The Dog Healers, and listen to Julia Robertson explain why she founded the charity War Dogs remembered. Plus there's the DogCast Radio News, and what Mischief the German Spitz puppy has been up to.

188 - Service Dogs UK and Roxie the Doxie Finds Her Forever Home

In this episode you can hear about Service Dogs UK, a fantastic charity which trains assistance dogs to support veterans of any service - military personnel, police, firefighters, paramedics and the coastguard - who develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to their job. Also, listen to Dr Jody A Dean, a clinical psychologist talk about how her book, Roxie the Doxie finds her Forever Home, is helping children understand and talk about adoption and other family issues. Plus the DogCast Radio News and some thoughts on the alpha dog myth.

187 - Muffins Halo and Chorley Fun Dog Show

In this episode you can hear about Muffin's Halo for Blind Dogs, and what motivates people to enter their dog in a fun dog show. In the DogCast Radio News, listen to stories about the latest dog related research. Plus there's a new member of the DogCast Radio team!

186 - Maxwell Muir on wolves

In this episode you can hear trainer, behaviourist, writer, broadcaster and wolf expert Maxwell Muir talk about what wolves mean to him personally, their plight in a modern world, and his hopes for their future. Plus we have the DogCast Radio News.