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Episode 61 - Lloyd Aguero on training and Dr. Paula Terifaj on Breed specific legislation


Released Sat March 8, 2008
Length: 0:48:15
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Lloyd Aguero

That's my message to the public - you can't speak English to a dog and expect compliance.

 - Lloyd Aguero

Lloyd Aguero is an inspirational trainer who founded and runs the Great Falls/Reston Companion Dog Training School. Lloyd is a life member of the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors and a member of the Delta Society. He pioneered the coupling of dog socialisation with training to prevent and treat temperamental problems. His training sessions sound not only effective but great fun from the dogs' point of view. One of the most fascinating aspects of Lloyd's work is project heart, which involves him rehabilitating dogs who are damaged in some way. From his own experiences as well as research, Lloyd made the connection between environment and state of mind. Comparing dogs with emotional difficulties to people with emotional difficulties, Lloyd developed his own program to help rescue dogs in dire need of support. Those unable to attend his training school can benefit from his advice via his television show, Your Dogs Best Friend. To find out more about Lloyd, visit his website.

Breed specific legislation

It's not really a breed problem, what we have is an irresponsible dog ownership problem.

 - Dr. Paula Terifaj

Dr. Paula Terifaj has previously been on DogCast Radio offering excellent advice about how to vaccinate your dog safely, and how to feed your dog as well as possible. In this interview she talks about another cause close to her heart.

Breed specific legislation is something that this veterinarian is staunchly opposed to. She has even set up her own organisation - Roverlution - to protest against unreasonable restriction on dog ownership, to support owners of breeds discriminated against, and to raise public awareness about the issue.


In the DogCast Radio News, you can hear about the illegal discrimination that still affects guide dog owners, a dog in a million who followed his soldier rescuer, a dog owner who wants another dog exactly like her old one, and a puppy in a pet shop who had bad luck and good luck.

In The Diplomatic Dog of Barbados

We all love a happy ending; a story of a rescue dog who finally finds a rescuer.

In The Diplomatic Dog of Barbados, by Winfred Peppinck, you can read just such a story. The dog at the heart of the story starts off as Roy, then becomes Sandy, and finally gains the name Diplomatic Dog, when he finds a home with no less than the Australian High Commissioner/Ambassador to the Caribbean.

Although the dog is the star of the story, the book also offers insights into life on Barbados, and the world of a high-flying diplomat.

To find out more, listen to the review in the show and visit the website of Olympia Publishers.

Other items

You can also hear the inspiring story behind Tennessee state bill 2399. Hayley Ham from Tennessee lost her dogs Sam and Jessie when they were poisoned by anti-freeze. A devastated Hayley, researched the subject, and set about protecting others from such a fate. To read more about brave Hayley, visit Melisa Wells' Remembering Ruby blog.

A Staffie cross in rescue has found his forever home with Trover Coats and the touching story of how Jane Aireton came to be his new owner will feature in a new TV show "Dog Rescue" on Sunday afternoons on ITV1 in the UK. The show airs between 9th March and 13th April, and we'll have more on the story when we catch up with Jane at Crufts.

Plus you can hear how the DogCast Radio dogs, Buddy and Star, performed when we tried some intelligence tests on them.If you would like to use Stanley Coren's How Smart is Your Dog? set, then follow this link

There are quite a few dog intelligence tests available, and you can investigate them on this link



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