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Episode 149 - Ashleigh and Pudsey at The Pet Show and Has your dog got you trained?


Released Sat August 24, 2013
Length: 0:56:24
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Has you dog got you trained?

We anthorpomorphise our dogs, and make them an extension of ourselves, I think because they live with us, they're in the house with us, they fulfill some emotional need that we as humans have, but they do what we have trained them to do whether you've known that or not, and it's really not about how much they love us or want to please us.
 - Denise Mazzola

Denise  Mazzola has trained dogs for over twenty years, and has never met a stupid one - she hashowever encountered many who have managed to train their owners to doexactly what they want them to, a subject she explores in her post Has Your Pet Got You Trained? In this interview, you can hear Denise talk about her experiences, and her thoughts on how we learn to respond to our dogs in certain ways, and whether this is ever a dangerous thing. You can find out more about Denise at her website, and you can also contact her via the Everything Dog Facebook page.

Ashleigh and Pudsey

We're going to be starting filming the movie at the beginning of September so that's really exciting.
 - Ashleigh Butler
We're going to be starting filming the movie at the beginning of September so that's really exciting.
 - Ashleigh Butler

We recently attended The Pet Show 2013 at Stoneleigh in the UK, and Julie was lucky enough to have the chance to sit down and chat with Ashleigh Butler and her dog Pudsey. Ashleigh and Pudsey are the canine freestyle experts who won Britain's Got Talent, and they delighted the crowds at the show with a doggy dance routine each day. They also officially opened the show, cutting the ribbon, and their book signings generated huge queues, proving that their popularity continues to grow. You can hear Ashleigh talk about how she trains Pudsey, and about their plans to start shooting a movie in September. You can keep up to date with what Ashleigh and Pudsey are up to via their Facebook page, and their Twitter feed.

The Pampered Pets Patisserie

Also at the show was Charlotte Gilsenan, founder of The Pampered Pets Patisserie. Charlotte's beautifully presented hand made goodies - all for dogs - were attracting a lot of attention, because they look good enough for humans to eat. Charlotte tests all her recipes out on her own dogs, and the DogCast Radio have given her cooking their seal of approval, even picky Star wolfed her doggy Bakewell tart down! Charlotte talks about the special occasion cakes she made, the ingredients she uses, and her hopes for the future in this interview. You can find out more at The Pampered Pets Patisserie website, and they also have a Facebook page and a Twitter feed.

The Good Dog Guide

We all know how lovely it is to find a venue that welcomes our dog as warmly as it welcomes us, and Robert Turner spoke to Julie about his website The Good Dog Guide. You can listen to Robert talk about how they make sure the information the site offers is accurate and up to date, as well as the variety of venues on offer, and why he set the site up. You can find all manner of dog friendly venues at The Good Dog Guide, and they have a Facebook page and a Twitter feed.


In the DogCast Radio News you can catch up with the latest dog video to go viral, a little dog in Japan playing fetch all on his own in a river.

In other stories you can hear about the bill in California that will make opening a dog park easier, the missing dog who was found in a most unlikely place, the singing star who took her dogs onto the Downton Abbey set, and how two family dogs acted fast to protect their owners. 

Buddy's Diary

In Buddy's Diary, Buddy shares his  worries about the sea eating one of the DogCast Radio team. It's only thanks to Buddy's quick thinking that Nick of the DogCast Radio New team lives to read the news another day - or that's how Buddy tells it anyway. Listen to Buddy sharing what life is like as a very friendly black Labrador whose people constantly confound him.

Agility tunnel problems

In the last show, Kerry Rhodes gave us her sound first aid advice, but in this show she tells Julie about a problem she's encountered while doing agility with her tall Rhodesian Ridgeback, Axl. Many clubs and competitions hold agility tunnels in place by strapping them down with strong stretchy bungee cords, but sometimes this means the height of the tunnel is reduced, and lead to Axl catching his head on a tunnel. Is this a problem you've encountered? Is it a problem you've found a solution to? We - and Kerry - would love to hear from you. 


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