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Episode 224 - Major: A Soldier Dog and Paws Against Elbow Dysplasia and the Mayhew


Released Sat October 10, 2020
Length: 1:08:05
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Major: A Soldier Dog

During World War II, thousands of Americans sent their pets to Fort Robinson in western Nebraska where the US Military established the Fort Robinson War Dogs Training Center. The Center trained over 17,000 'dogs for defense' and deployed them to them to battlefields and installations all over the world. Major: A Soldier Dog tells the little-known story of these four-footed soldiers, their bravery, and the patriotism and sacrifice of their families.

In this podcast you can hear Trevor Jones, the Director and CEO of History Nebraska, reveal what those pet dogs went through, how they were trained and what happened to them after the war. Trever is an award-winning author of numerous books, as well as articles about museums and American history. He has worked as a museum curator, exhibition designer, and educator.

You can find out more about History Nebraska and buy Major: A Soldier Dog.

Paws Against Elbow Dysplasia

When Annie Wilson's Bernese Mountain Dog, Button, was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia, both their lives changed forever. Button will be on pain medication for the rest of her life, and she can only be allowed to take restricted exercise - which is tough for a young, playful dog. Annie started looking in to the condition, and didn't like what she found out.

For example elbow dysplasia is hereditary, and could be eradicated by health tests and careful breeding. But some breeders told Annie they would not stop breeding from dogs who are affected by elbow dysplasia but have desirable traits. And the Kennel Club told Annie they do not feel able to enforce health testing. So Annie came up with her own idea; charging dog owners a small amount each year could fund the monitoring and enforcement of health tests, thereby ensuring hereditary conditions such as elbow dysplasia could be stopped.

To support Button and all dogs affected by elbow dysplasia, visit the Paws Against ED Facebook page. You can sign this petition to Fund a Breeding Dog Register and Welfare Inspectors and this one for Mandatory screening for Elbow and Hip Dysplasia for susceptible breeding dogs. When you post about the subject on social media use the hashtag #PawsagainstED

If your dog is affected by ED, we'd love to hear from you.

A life shared is a life saved

Jason Flemyng is supporting Mayhew's campaign that "a life shared" can be a life saved, and in this interview he talks about why he supports Mayhew.

Mayhew knows that the past six months have been incredibly hard for millions of people across the world, and although normal life has never felt further away, many of us have found comfort in our beloved pets.

The charity teamed up with Jason Flemyng and Phillipa Perry to make a radio advert, encouraging listeners to text MAYHEW to 70085 to donate £5 and help keep vulnerable people and their pets together. £7,500 could either provide almost 1,000 animals with essential vaccinations, or cover the cost of running Mayhew's animal ambulance for the rest of the year.

You can find out more about what films and TV you can see Jason Flemyng in.


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