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Abandoned puppies have new names and new homes

Pippin and Perdy were dumped out of a carrier bag and into a garden in the middle of a cold, wet night.

Two tiny puppies were almost completely bald when they were rescued by the RSPCA having been dumped in the middle of the night in a garden in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

The pups were in such a terrible condition that it was difficult for staff to tell how old they were or what breed they were.

Pippin and Perdy, as they were later named, were taken in by staff at the RSPCA Preston & District branch where animal care assistant Georgie Meeks set about rehabilitating them and trying to improve their skin condition.

She said: “They were dumped by a gentleman at about 9.30pm on a cold night and they were left out on their own for about six hours and, as you can see, they haven’t got any fur. They must have been absolutely freezing.

“If they had been found any later they might not have been with us today.”

The Dog Rescuers team joined the dogs - later identified as six-week-old lhasa apsos - a few days after they were rescued by RSPCA Inspector Sally Bamforth to see them getting one of their regular medicated baths to help their skin.

“When they first came in they were really quite nervous, quite shivery for a few days until they settled in and realised they were safe and being well looked after. Since then, their personalities have come on so much, they’ve just got little characters, they’re really naughty!

“The fur has actually started to grow back a bit.”

The RSPCA launched an investigation, releasing the heartbreaking CCTV footage which showed the shocking moment the puppies were dumped out of a carrier bag, over a wall and into a garden in the dead of night on 28 September.

The man who abandoned them was located and claimed he’s tried to treat their skin problem and was drunk when he left them in the garden. He was issued with a caution and agreed to sign his other dog, the pups’ mother, over into RSPCA care.

After weeks of special care and treatment, Pippin and Perdy were ready to go to their new homes.

Little Perdy - now called Penny - was adopted by Sarah Aspinall from Southport, Merseyside, where she now lives with rescue shih tzu Martha, Cavalier King Charles spaniels Bella and Tilly, two cats, two rabbits and two guinea pigs!

Sarah, who works at the RSPCA’s Southport branch, said: “I took her on as a foster in December and honestly had no intention of keeping her. But when people started ringing to enquire about rehoming her I realised I could do it - I couldn’t give her away!

“She was so happy, she loves my other dogs and I couldn’t split them up.”

And Pippin - now Pablo - was adopted by Mhairi Brown and Andy Meek, from Hambleton, North Yorkshire, where he now lives with Andy’s two children and the couple’s two dogs, lhasa apso Buster and Boston terrier Wallace.

Mhairi said: “Pablo is doing wonderfully well. He’s such a cheeky little chap. He is always getting up to no good and constantly trying to put things in his mouth - I can’t let him out of my sight for a second!

“All in all he has very quickly become an important part of our family and we feel lucky to have been able to give him a loving home. We look forward to watching him grow.”

To adopt an RSPCA rescue dog please visit and to help the charity continue to rescue dogs from puppy farms please donate by visiting



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