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Basset Hound breed profile

Training and intelligence
The Basset Hound is a scent hound, and as such it will take a lot to deter him from following an interesting smell when he finds one - perseverence and patience are the key words. They have a reputation of being slow to housetrain. They are independent and can be stubborn. Be aware this is a sturdy dog, so start gentle encouraging training early on.

It is hard not to have a soft spot for the Basset Hound, with his mild, loving nature. He loves the whole family, and has a good sense of humour and fun. Bassets have their own style and attitude to life, and alongside the gentle side, their is a strong character, albeit with plenty of charm.

Attitude towards strange dogs and people
The Basset Hound is a friendly dog. His easy going temperament means he will not be a problem with strange people or dogs. He is a pack animal by nature, and welcomes company of any sort, however he can produce a loud imposing bark when he wants.

Grooming and shedding
The short coat of the Basset Hound is low maintenance, and a weekly brush will help minimise what shedding there is. The Basset's ears need special attention as they accumulate dirt inside and out, and so regular cleaning and inspections are necessary.

The Basset Hound must not be over exercised when young, as that large bone structure needs time to settle. The fully grown Basset is fairly relaxed, so moderate exercise will satisfy him.

Need for company
Basset Hounds are pack animals, and only truly happy with company - although this can be human or canine. Bassets who have had enough of being left can take to howling.

The Basset Hound is a messy dog. Do not underestimate the amount of slobber some Bassets can produce. This does vary between individuals, but assume your Basset will slobber profusely, and you won't be disappointed. Although most Bassets don't enjoy swimming, they do love to wallow in shallow water and mud.


We had our Basset Hound, Bessie, from about the age of 18mths to 2 years old, she was abandoned and followed us home and would not leave! She picked us and I am so glad she did. We have had 12 wonderful years with her. She loved roasted pig ears and would throw it in the air a few times before actually eating it! She was so funny, so full of character. At about 8.30 or 9pm every night she would let you know if was time for a treat! We had to put her to sleep on June 13th 2011, a week ago today. That was the hardes thing we ever had to do, we miss her so much. Bassets get under your skin and make you love them so quickly! The best dog ever, we will never forget our Bessie!

Yay for Bassets! I have two and want three more... the best dogs ever! Once you go Basset, you won't go back.

I have just found a Basset in my local pound and fallen in love with him, (visited this afternoon). I am having a lot of conflicting advice from well meaning people who tell me that this breed is stubborn, destructive and difficult to train. I also have people telling me that they are loveable, good with children and not a problem. Can you clarify do you think? I am retired and have my three year old granddaughter staying with me a lot, I also have my husband who has a heart problem, we really need a dog that is easy to get on with and pretty laid back, the basset that we visited is four years old, he is really cute and was brought into the shelter as a stray.
Help? I am confused.

I have had 5 bassets throughout my life (beginning at age 8). I now have two -- a 9 year old and a 1 year old. Bassets are wonderful dogs, and the easiest breed I have ever been around. Everything I read says they are difficult to house-train, but I have not found that to be true at all. I crate-trained, and within a week, my new puppy got it (with the occasional mishap if I went too long without letting him out). I also trained him to ring a bell to go outside. For several weeks, I diligently rang the bell whenever we went outside for the bathroom. I actually did not think he was going to get it, then one day, out of the blue, I heard the bell and he was sitting at the door waiting for me to let him out. He hasn't had an accident since. They are very good with other dogs and love people, especially ones who rub their bellies. My puppy did go through a destructive, chewing phase (especially my leather shoes), but no more than any other puppy-breed would. He outgrew it many months ago. His older brother (who I got as an adult) has never destroyed or even damaged anything in the house. Bassets are the best!

My Basset Thurman is also very very crazy! But he is only one year old! I was hoping he would settle down in old age...but it looks like he might not!! We have a pit bull that he plays with NON STOP. Its actually really funny!

I also have noticed that my 1 year old male tricolor basset sheds like crazy, but on the plus side, he loves baths (so long as the water doesn't get too hot or too cold). This tends to help with his shedding.
To anyone with a basset puppy: First of all, congrats! They really are sweet and very smart. Though I have noticed that once in a while mine will decide that the paper towels look mighty tasty unless he has a rawhide to chew on. I would recommend getting a teething toy that he/she likes along with some sort of bone for them to chew on. It minimizes any "bad ideas" about getting into things (like the garbage, or the paper towels). I don't know if this will help you, but I know it works for my basset.
And if you have an older dog in the household that is trained, the basset will pick things up from the older dog too. (I have a 2 year old rottweiler/german shepherd mix who my basset has learned many tricks from, and this helped out a lot with the potty training!!!)


Bassets are the best!

Patience is the key to getting the best from your basset.They CAN be trained, and a small bribe will always help!!!! Make him part of the family and the rewards are incredible. They will always make you laugh with their amusing ways. A word of warning - they are addictive and one is never enough!!!!!!

Bassets are funny, funny dogs!

Bassets are funny, funny dogs!

I just got a basset, he's 8 months old. He is the cutest dog ever but I can't potty train him.

love this breed. they are the sweetest, funniest and most lovable dog breed ever. love them so much.

Basset Hounds are the coolest, swarviest, cutest, most fantabulous animals that ever did breath. And they're intelligent enough to do a damn sight better than the majority of people:)

My son has wanted a Bassett Hound for the last five years. I had a Black Lab and an Old English Sheep dog and that was enough. My OESD died a few months ago of stomach cancer. I was crushed. I didn't want another dog, but a friend called and said she knew a breeder who had just had a litter of bassets. I went to look at them and fell in love. I chose a girl who was the little fatty of the litter. She has been such a joy and added so much love and fun to our lives. She is so silly and loves to cuddle. She tends to get very dirty, but then loves to get in the shower with me and wash off. She is such a comedianne and has fair blue eyes. I take her to the nursing home my grandmother is in, and all the ladies just love her. She is my angel.

I have two basset and love them to pieces! I find they shed quite a bit though...especially my male tri-colour one despite regular brushing and a wholesome diet.

Basset Hounds are WONDERFUL!! They are the sweetest dogs around, and they are great with kids. Don't let the sleepy look fool you, they're smart. I've had many types of dogs, but now that I've had a Basset, they're the only dog for me.

I have a two year old Basset her name is Pixie I am so thrilled with all the Basset sights I have found on Google including yours sharing information and pics. I love my dog and I wouldn't give her up for anyone or anything in the world. She loves other dogs and is very friendly to all people. She has recently tried to make friends with the new addition to the family my sister in laws cat. I do not think Pixie relizes that it is a cat though, lol she brings him her toys and wants to play. Basset hounds are awesome with children to if brought up with them young supervised of course. Well keep up the good work on your site I love it and so does Pixie.

Robin and Pixie

Bassets are 4-legged humans. Mine think they are.

I love Basset Hounds! I have one too!!!!!!!!! They are very friendly dogs. I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Basset Hounds! I have one too!!!!!!!!! They are very friendly dogs. I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love bassets!

I love my basset hound he is a incredibly funny little genius

My basset hound recently had to be put to sleep, he had cancer on his jaw. The good news is WE MIGHT GET A PUPPY BASSET HOUND IN A FEW MONTHS!!!!!! :3

We have two Basset Hounds and they are the greatest friends. Funny, lovable and hugable!

A Basset is a Blessing!

Everyone warned me not to get a basset hound due to their problems with their ears and what not. I am soooo glad I have my basset hound! She has sooo much attitude. She is a tri color we named Emma. She always wants to be with me, on my lap or laying on my chest. She is so lovable I can't imagine my life with out her!

I have a soon-to-be two year old tri colour AKC male named Toby and I love him to bits. He is my "Baby Toby" as I call him and is just a sweet heart. HOWEVER here are some TIPS for people who are looking to add this breed to their family (good and bad). 1. it took about three months to train him to go pee/poo outside in the backyard. 2. he chews everything in sight, so it is like having a one year old child where he has to be watched at all times. He has chewed furniture, baby toys, bills, books, magazines, clothes, garbage, plants, carpet, etc.......... 3. he is wonderful with our black lab and other animals he comes in contact with. 4. our one year old daughter has grown up with Toby and our lab, Dora, and both have been amazing with her. No worries at all. 5. the first year was expensive with vet bills for pulled ligaments and he needed metacam as well as ear infections were a problem too (aprox. $2,500 in a year and a half). 6. he doesn't sit or stay on command and doesn't pick up on behaviour very good or at all. I always say big feet small brain. 8. don't let the "lazy" reputation fool you. He has more energy than he knows what to do with. 9. he is fine with our lab confined to one room of the house with a baby gate up when we're out of the house, or else his nose will get him into trouble. 10. he is crate trained at night and he sleeps on a magnetic matress to help his bones and joints, etc. The vet wanted to take x-rays and wanted to do surgery to make his legs more straight. HE'S FINE. DON'T LET VETS TAKE ADAVANTAGE OF YOU. 11. he doesn't drool (only when he sees me eating food and he wants some). Toby came from Ava, MONTANA USA and would love to some how find the breeder as I bought him from a pet store and trust the owner as I have given them business for 12 years. I'd love to see pictures of his parents, siblings, etc. Over all, even though Toby can be a bad boy and distroy's at least once a day, he is an amazing "son" to me and I'd do ANYTHING for him. This breed will make anyone happy, but they need patience. No patience, and the puppy/dog will end up in a pound or will be going home to home to home. Good luck if you add a basset to your family and GOOD LUCK with training...

Best dog breed ever. They are huge bed hogs and love to just lay on the couch. I don't mind the drool because the love they give you is amazing. Our dog follows us everywhere.

I have a 8yr old Basset called Spud, he is crazy, he cracks me up, he runs round the house like a headless chicken with his toys! Even after he's been out for a hours run, he's still crazy, he comes in looking shattered as a drink and goes off on one, I'll be lost when that sad day comes. I love him to bits, people always comment on how well marked he is, he's the BEST. he's been turning heads for 8 yrs, everybody loves him and thinks he's so funny, he loves it when his Daddy takes him to the races with him when we have runners, he loves to run around the Racecourse before racing starts, I'm not to sure which course is his fav, he does like to paddle in the water jumps. Do you think he will ever quieten down? As anybody else got a crazy Basset Hound?

i have a basset hound she is sosososo cute!!!!!!!

Just picked up my first basset hound from the breeder today. Little Ophelia is nine weeks old and absolutely adorable. My dalmatian Aragorn (2yrs) seems a little jealous though.

It's true what they say, You don't own the basset... a basset owns you!! So hard to say No to that face!!

They are so cute and fun. They are funny. But they do shed which is a down fall. But I can't get enough out of mine. They are great for familys.

I have a basset Hound, called Chester he turned 1 today and he has a black and tan coat!! He is the Cutiest dog ever!! I love him to bits!! Bassets rule!!

The 'lazy' basset hound perception is misleading! I have a 2 yr old basset and a 3 yr old lab. These two are CRAZY together! They run circles around the house chasing each other. The basset hound will get up on the furniture and bark at the lab like a mad lady! It is so cute. But when they are done playing all she wants to do is lay in my lap, she has to be touching me when she lays down.

bassets are the best breed there are

I never thought I would own a basset. but now that I do I would not want any other breed

Bassets are the cutest funniest smartest most lovable and stubborn dog I have ever encountered. I love my 2 bassets and I can't imagine my life without them.

Basset Hounds are big dopey lovable snuggle buddies.

Great dogs. Big personality. Can be high maintenance and do take commitment. These pups can be like young children in their behavior and need for attention but revel in it and give back 110%.

Hi my name is Leigh Ann and I have a Bassett Hound named Richard Walter Hull(aka.. Ricky). Although I do not have his picture on the computer, I just wanted to let everyone know out there-- Bassett Hounds are the best dogs ever!!!!
Ricky is my Buddy ,my pal, my whole life. He is only 2 years old, very lazy, but really has the most wonderful personality. I have read that Bassetts are hard to train?? I did not have hardly any problems. You just have to keep with it faithfully until it is done. Ricky does not go to the bathroom in the house nor does he tear up anything when I have to leave him for a little while. I have left him up to 8 hours(not by choice) and he didn't go in the house at all. If you are considering a mans best friend--(and a womans)--the best choice is the ole hound dog!!

I have a basset hound and he is so cute!!
I love him so much. He is really lazy, fat and his favourite things are, in order!! : Eating, eating, eating, Sleeping, sleeping and sleeping.
I will try and put a picture of him on here, his name is Oscar Price

All the Basset Hounds on this website, are soooo sooo cute!!! I am the owner of Oscar Price (0zzy)
As you can see there's two pictures of him near the end. Two peticular dogs I like are Cooper and Tassen but every single dog is soo cute!!!!

we have a basset hound named Mojo she is so sweet and barks really loud too

P.s if u are looking to buy basset hounds beware that they slober alot HAHAHAHA

I am only 9 years old. I am a basset lover by heart! I have 2 of them. Slobery but stubbern Molly and stubbern but a sweat heart sam wise gamchie

Long live Bassets!

Just a note to say that Bassets are the best. I had two until yesterday afternoon. My Daisy girl died when she was hit by a car. She was in a fence but got out and ran into traffic. Lucklily, my Baxter boy did not run into traffic, he stopped in the yard. Daisy did not know better. She was still just a baby. She would have been 2 next month...I will miss her until I die.

I love you and miss you Daisy...Mama

To June...You never get over losing a Basset...there is just something about that breed of dog..They are just sweet, funny little dogs that love most everyone and every animal. God Bless Everyone Who HAs a Basset....

About housetraining, Basset Hounds love to be cuddled so when they are about to (u know) just pick them up put them outside and when they are done praise and cuddle them in excess. You have to be very vigilant. In doing so get through your knees so your hound can cuddle you as well. In this way I practise my basset hound also to run to me when I called him and I have never needed to yell. It is true the message sometimes came through a bit slow but he always responded. Don't use those candy treats methods a basset hound knows where to find the candies when you are not carefull ;-)


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