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Standard Schnauzer breed profile

Training and intelligence
Standard Schnauzers are clever, confident dogs, so they may have a tendency to be dominant. You must be consistent; don't be harsh, but if you issue an instruction ensure it is carried out, then give rewards and praise. Schnauzers have an excellent sense of smell, and a strong instinct to chase "vermin", so establish early on that the dog must not pull on the lead.

The Standard Schnauzer has many qualities, they are bold and fearless, loving and loyal. They are confident and have opinions of their own, but given the right guidance, they can make great family dogs and companions.

Attitude towards strange dogs and people
Standards Schnauzers are very alert, and make keen watch dogs. They need thorough socialisation to ensure they do not guard inappropriately against strange people, or exhibit bossiness with other dogs.

Grooming and shedding
Standards Schnauzers are not heavy shedders. Their coat will need all over clipping twice a year, with trimming inbetween.

This breed is energetic and playful. They have plenty of energy and will take as much as exerciose as you can provide. Standard Schnauzers can be boisterous when they are young, but don't over exercise them until they reach maturity.

Need for company
Schnauzers bond well with their people, and want to be with them. They will tolerate being left for short periods, but bear in mind they are energetic dogs, and a bored Schnauzer may well become a destructive Schnauzer.

Schnauzers are very vocal. There are three sizes of Schnauzer - the standard, the miniature, and the giant.


I have a rescue dog small, part terrier, I am thinking of getting another small on it is a Schnauzer, (bitch)
Would this male and female be compatable
I would appreciate your opion

Many thanks

Hi Pauline,
I would say it depends on the dogs really. Is your rescue dog generally dog-friendly? Are you getting another rescue dog? - in that case the shelter staff will help you and assess the dogs together before you adopt.
You have the best combination of genders as apparently two bitches or two dogs are more likely to fight.
If you're bringing in a puppy your older dog will probably accapt the puppy, and Episode 39 of DogCast Radio has advice on introducing a puppy to the household -
Dogs are sociable animals and provided you read up on how you can help things along it should work out. What do other people think?
Julie x

We have a neutered dog, he is a fantastic family pet ,our youngest was 2 when he joined the household! With strict handling and loads of socialisation he rarely goes on the lead and is a joy to own. Yes they have an opinion, but as long as they know who's boss this is not a problem.


all dogs can swim

i got my first puppy standard schnauzer after doing alot of research on the breed and have had him three days so far he is absolutely gorgeous already a keen listerner for any strange noises and will bark once to alert me,he is 15 weeks and 6 days old aqnd im sure he will make a loyal companion as he follows me everywhere.will post my pics asap.

We've had one Standard Schnauzer for four years, and another Schnauzer/Airedale mix for one year. These are the absolute most loyal and intelligent dogs I've ever known. They only bark when someone enters our property, and the older one always puts itself between us and any perceived danger. They learn very fast, and are exceptionally good at reading what we want them to do.

They also don't cause me any allergies. Every dog and cat I've ever had caused allergies except these two. Apparently Schnauzers, Airedales, and Poodles don't triger most people's allergies like other dogs.

I have gone from being breed-indifferent to feeling like Standard Schnauzers are the best thing going. One of them ran off a wandering Pit Bull growling at wife taking a walk yesterday. You can bet he's gotten lots of treats and tummy rubs for that!

Thank You

Thank You

Thank You

Our Standard Schnauzer definitely can not swim. He tries to doggie paddle but his hind end sinks and I'm convinced he would drown in water over his head. I have gotten him a safety float to wear when I let him out in the yard to do his business just in case he decides to take a dip in the pool. Now I don't worry about him being outside on his own.

I have a standard shnauzer. i addopted him about a year and 1/2 ago. ever since i got him, he has seemed to be a little depressed and isn't playful at all. doesn't chase balls, on a very rare basis will he chew on a rawhide. i'm not sure what i can do to bring up his spirit a little. let me know.

I got my standard schnauzer when she was 7 months old her owners didnt want her anymore it was clear to every one that she had been abused now 3 1/2 years on and she's a different dog from when we first got her. i love her to bits and i couldn't live with out her she's changed my life.


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