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Beagle breed profile

Training and intelligence
Use reward based training methods to motivate your Beagle. Hounds have a reputation for being hard to housebreak, but perseverence and patience will get the job done.

The Beagle has a strong history as a pack animal, and this means that he loves the whole family. He is very good with children. Beagles are happy, friendly, cheerful dogs.

Attitude towards strange dogs and people
The Beagle is am out going, friendly dog. Strange people and dogs will get a warm welcome.

Grooming and shedding
Beagles have a short coat that doesn't shed much. They shed more heavily once or twice a year, but brushing and bathing will help reduce shedding around the house.

Beagles can be exuberant as puppies, but the older dog will be more of a couch potato if left to his own devices. Make exercise fun for him and you will keep him fit and healthy.

Need for company
Beagles really need company. Their background as pack dogs means they will be unhappy if left alone too much.

The Beagle is a friendly dog whose compact size, easy going nature, and low maintenance coat make him a popular choice as a famiy pet.


I have a beagle and it barks a lot at strangers, and other dogs. He has never bitten anybody, adn alot of the time he is usually wagging his tail the whole time. Its nice that i can trust hime around kids though, because even when he was younger , being six now, he could be obnoxious and barking, but when a little kid would walk up to him he would be silent as they pet him, and when they were around. He is really cuddly too, but can get aggresive over his space even with my other dogs, plus even at 6 which isnt too old, but not exactly young he still acts like a puppy, but even with his diet food, and exercise he is extremly fat. Is my beagle normal?

How did you train it?
Mind teaching me that method? because my beagle will kept barking the minute im out of the front door.
I need a fast teaching method if possible because school is starting soon and i wish it wont bark so much when im not around, or else it'll have to go. and i definitely don't want that to happen. I just saved him from a friend who wanted to throw it away because of its noise and i dont want to do the same thing to it.

Thank you

Hey, one quick question.
I have a beagle (about 10months old). It barks when left alone at home. I have school duties so i am not able to be home most of the time. I was thinking of getting another dog so that they will play by themselves when im not around, thus making less noise. but i am wondering whether 2 beagles = less seperation anxiety barking or 2 beagles = double barkings?

Thank you

7 weeks old is ideal, some say 8 weeks but research shows that at 8 weeks puppies learn fear, therefore to bring them to their new home environment at 7 weeks is a far less traumatic experience for them. They settle in very well at 7 weeks and then when they do learn fear they are already happy and familiar with all the sights, sounds and voices in whom they can take comfort.

just wondering if you know were i could purchase a beagle i have a few dogs but they are beagle crosses was looking for a full breed

kind regaurds gerard

Hi Gerard,

Whatever country you are in start with your Kennel Club or a Beagle breed club. Get a list of recommended breeders from them and check them out yourself. Research what questions you need to ask like what health tests and so on you need to see, and make sure the breeder treats the dogs properly, and lets you meet at least "Mum".

There may well be a Beagle rescue society you could contact too.

Don't buy from a pet shop or a puppy mill or puppy farm. You aren't rescuing the dog you are lining the pockets of the person who is exploiting the dogs.

Good luck,

Julie x

WoW that is really cool! I just got a hound/ beagle mix.

we thought we bought a pure bread beagle, we were told that she is a pure bread Irish beagle, is there such a breed? She is taller then the usual beagle, but looks like a beagle, she is tri colour.

How old do beagles have to be, before you can take them home?

how loud is a beagle's howl?

Beagles are my favorite breed.I think they are the cutest things in the world.My Beagle Chloe howls all the time.They start out so cute when they are babies and then grow so fast.

A Beagle should be about 5 weeks old before taken away from it's mother.

also a beagles howl is pretty loud and also annoying. It sounds like they're dieing.

Friend for a wheaten

Their howl is very loud

I own 7 beagles - and one is preggnant! Me and my Family own,show and breed beagles.

did you know, that a beagles ears are down beacuse a beagle is a hunter. when they are running they could get dust in there ears so there flops block out the dust

beagles are so beagle winkie loves running around and sniffing things

Their howl can be loud, but they are very smart and can be easily trained to stay quiet. My beagle knows full well when he can and can't howl. He is the best!

I have 2 beagles, Pookie and Snoopy, and never heard them howl, they bark sometimes, but are quiet most of the time. I also have a boxer beagle mix named Fred that howls with me. ( I start and he joins in.) My wife thinks I am crazy, but as long as Fred enjoys it who cares LOL.

i am trying to get my boyfriend to get us another dog. my little ozzy is so bored and restless that it hurts sometimes, and i can't play with him 24/7.

ozzy is my first dog, which breeds work best with beagle? anyone with experience?

kelly newton..A beagle's howl can get pretty I've had plenty of experience with me it can get pretty hectec


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