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Crossbreeds breed profile

Training and intelligence
Crossbreeds are usaully quick to learn as they often inherit the best qualities of their parents. Remember that although nature plays a part, so does nurture, and a lot depends on the time and effort you spend on training.

The temperament of a crossbreed obviously depends on the breeds that are involved. Many crossbreeds beneit from the fact they are a mix rather than a purebred, and they have the reputation of being intelligent, healthy and long lived.

Attitude towards strange dogs and people
The attitude displayed by a crossbreed towards strange dogs and poeple will depend on the breeds involved. Remember that socialising your puppy thoroughly and beginning basic training early is the best start you can give him.

Grooming and shedding
Grooming and shedding will vary from crossbreed to crossbreed. Do bear in mind that changes in coat can occur as a puppy grows to adulthood.

The exercise needs of a crossbreed dog will vary according to its size and the breeds involved. Use common sense and your dog's behaviour to find the right activity level.

Need for company
Most dogs love their families and are never happier than with their people. Bear in mind that having a dog is a huge commitment, and in every outing from a day trip to a holiday the dog's needs must be taken into account.

Crossbreeds have traditionally been considered to be clever, healthy, long-lived dogs, and crossbreeds probably do benefit from hybrid vigour. It is unpredictable how crossbreeds will turn out in terms of appearance, with the same mix of breeds producing very different dogs.


My dog is a Beagalier. (Beagle cross Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) He is the sweetest little thing. He is still only 10 weeks old but very intelligent and he so wants to please us. Very easy to look after and is happy on his own when we go out. Great with kids. A fantastic little dog!

i have a mutt thats probobly part chow and he gets excited easily but he is a great with kids and very loyal.

I love mutts! They are the best dogs, healthy and unique, I saved both of mine from local shelters and I couldn't be more pleased.

I love my little teddy. He is a Cavoodle (cavalier x king charles spaniel). He looks like a real teddy and every time anyone in our family sees him we give him a big hug. He loves us and he has a very good temperament so he is great with kids. Awesome website.

ESSIE looks exactly like our beagle mix rescue! Let me know if you find out about the rest of her.

Lots of people argue that purebreds are better than crossbreds because they are "prettier" and more "intelligent" than crossbreds. That Maxine I had was a very smart and intelligent, not to mention pretty, she had this gleaming black topcoat that shined in the sun, and her tan markings were the same on each side of her chest, eyebrows, legs, and face. She had this cute curly tail that curled straight over her back and bobbed around happily when she walked. She looked cool when she ran, she would lay her ears back and roll her tail out back flat, and sprint. She was a fast sprinter but the day she sprinted out on the highway in front of a semi she wasn't fast enough, there was a blasting sound of the horn she turned in time to see it WHACK. It was a tragic day losing her to me was like losing my best friends. She loved me more than anything got a full bowl of food set before her daily, she watched me turn from a boy to a young man, and when she saw that truck coming at her, and she had seen how much she had done for me and how much she enjoyed my company, I think Maxine died happy.

I don't think there's anything wrong with a mutt, one thing is that they aren't very expensive sometimes free where I'm from. Maxine came from a shelter I only had to pay fifty dollars for her, and that included spaying. If they are bred with certain dogs they can look better and prettier than any purebred, Maxine was really pretty, many asked if she was pure. They learn fast, Maxine had been trained to walk on the left, I spent one day and by then she was walking at my right side. Remember if not bred right a crossbreed can be very dangerous as far as aggression goes.


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