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Jack Russell Terrier breed profile

Training and intelligence
The Jack Russell Terrier can do well at training, but you must show you are in control. They are strong characters, with deep rooted hunting instincts and so they may need to ba kept on a lead.

The Jack Russell Terrier is a real mixture in that while he is loving, affectionate and loyal, he is also independent, clever and determined.

Attitude towards strange dogs and people
Although Jack Russells are usually friendly towards strange people, they can be aggressive towards other dogs, so it is essential to start early and continue with socialisation.

Grooming and shedding
The Jack Russell Terrier does not shed much, and its short coat needs minimal brushing.

Jack Russell Terriers can make do with little exercise as long as they have a garden to tear around. However, they will appreciate opportunities to enjoy longer walks and free running.

Need for company
Jack Russell Terriers love to be with their people. It is also advisable not to leave them alone too much as a bored Jack Russell Terrier is a destructive one.

Jack Russell Terriers are very hardy little dogs, and they can jump much higher than you would think to look at them, This coupled with their enjoyment of digging necessitates a tall secure fence or wall around their garden. You need to understand the terrier temperament in order to live happily with one.


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