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German Pointer breed profile

Training and intelligence
They are very willing to work, which helps with training. German Pointers are very intelligent, and this coupled with a calm confidence means they can have a tendency to be dominant.

The German Pointer is loyal and protective, although not aggressive. Their hunting background means that they are very energetic. A balanced temperament means they are good family dogs, although they have to have enough exercise to keep them happy.

Attitude towards strange dogs and people
German Pointers are reserved with people they don't know. Their strong hunting instincts necessitates thorough socialisation if they are not to be a problem with smaller dogs.

Grooming and shedding
The Short Haired German Pointer needs little grooming for its smooth coat, and is an average shedder. The Wire Haired German Pointer requires weekly brushing, plus hand stripping of the coat.

German Pointers have lots of energy, and needs considerable amounts of vigorous exercise to keep them happy and well balanced.

Need for company
It is not advisable to leave German Pointers alone too much. They need to be with their people, whom they love, and they can also become destructive if boredome sets in.

German Pointers like to bark. They are good watch dogs as they are very alert and concerned for their pack's safety.



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