Greater Swiss Mountain Dog breed profile

Azlan - photo by Kensey Russell : Greater Swiss Mountain Dog breed profile
Azlan - photo by Kensey Russell
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Training and intelligence
The heritage of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog shows in their love of draught work - pulling carts was one of the many uses they were put to. They are eager to work, and tend to be obedient.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog are affable and easy going. They particularly like children, although supervision is necessary due simply to the sheer size of this breed.

Attitude towards strange dogs and people
Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs can be territorial and this coupled with their sheer size makes them an effective watch dog. They can be protective of their family, so socialise them well. With every dog, but particularly with large dogs, it is essential that they have encountered as many different people and situations as possible, to engender confidence and calm.

Grooming and shedding
Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs are a short haired breed, and regular bruishing will minimise shedding.

Exercise should be limited when the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is young - that large skeleton needs to be allowed to grow healthily while bone and muscle develop. When the dog is adult they do need a lot of exercise to keep them healthy, but they will prefer walking to jogging. Some enjoy water and swimming.

Need for company
The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog does not take well to being left alone. He needs to be part of a pck, and loves being involved with family activities.

These large dogs bond with their whole family. Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs adore children, and are devoted and loyal. Training this breed not to pull on the lead is vital - start early, because an adult Swissy can pull huge weights, so a mere human on the end of the lead is no problem!

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