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Australian Shepherd breed profile

Training and intelligence
The Australian Shepherd is a clever, fast thinker. His mind needs occupying just as much as his body. He can be dominant, but responds well to training.

This is a good natured, affectionate breed. Australian Shepherds have the energy and drive of a Border Collie, but can also switch off and relax with their people.

Attitude towards strange dogs and people
Australian Shepherds can be shy and reserved around strangers. It is important to socialise this breed to counteract this tendency. Their natural wariness can make them a good watch dog.

Grooming and shedding
Despite having a medium length coat, Australian Shepherds do not shed much, and weekly grooming is sufficient.

These guys need lots of exercise. Regular walks, coupled with free running, and activities to occupy their mind, such as obedience and agility training will keep an Australian Shepherd contented.

Need for company
Australian Shepherds do not tolerate being left alone too much as they can become bored and destructive.

This is a one person or one family dog. An Australian Shepherd will attach himself firmly to his family and will want to protect them. This breed might well have an instinct to herd you together which will have to be inhibited through training.



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