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Siberian Husky breed profile

Training and intelligence
The Husky is very intelligent, but he has a mind of his own. He will cooperate, but he has to see why he needs to. Start training as soon as possible and be consistent. This does not mean be harsh, but a rule is a rule, so once you have given a command, insist on it being carried out.

Huskies are affectionate and hardy. Their long history of working, and working as a team, means they can fulfill their role within a pack well - if they understand what it is. It is up to the owner to communicate to the Husky that the role of leader of the pack is taken.

Attitude towards strange dogs and people

The Husky is outgoing, particularly with children. They are friendly with both people and dogs. They are rarely dog aggressive, due to their ancestry of working as a team, which needed co-operation and tolerance.

Grooming and shedding
Grooming is advised about three times a week for a Husky. The breed has a dense undercoat, with tougher longer guard hairs over the top, providing it with good insulation.

A Husky needs lots of exercise to burn off all the energy they were originally selected and bred to have. They have a natural affinity for sledding, which they seem to take to very naturally.

Need for company
They do not enjoy being on their own, they like being with their pack. If you can't provide the company yourself, one solution might be to have two Huskies.

This sledding breed has bucket loads of strength and stamina. Huskies are known for howling, and are very pack orientated. They don't eat as much as you might expect for a dog of their size.


I love huskies. their fur are so nice and thos colors are cool

i live here in mexico but i speek english and here the weather is reallyyyyyy hottt!!!
im wondering if thats not a problem for my siberian husky.

I would love to see a picture of yours. We got a red Siberian and named him Chewbacca because he looks and sounds like a small Wookiee. His nickname Chewie is especially appropriate, because he definately has a plastic deficiency and takes care of it by chewing up anything plastic that he can get near. He is a rescued dog. We started fostering him in March and gave him his forever home with us in June. He enjoys his large back yard and almost daily trips to the dog park. My wife takes him to play with the toddlers at her preschool and he permits the kids to pull his ears, hair, and tail, treating them like little puppies in his pack. He has been a great match for our family.

I am falled in love by huskies. However I live in Brazil, a tropical country, althoud here be hot place, I'm breeding a couple which is so much loved by all my family. They are my special choice.

LOVE these dogs!! Have one of myself, also researching on them!!

Huskies are beautiful creatures, but be sure to have plenty of cold and snow for them! Too many people get caught up in the cuteness to realize that these are cold weather dogs.

wow these dogs like soo cute my uncle has a siberian husky just like gurpreet's dog ice! soo weird! but my uncles dog is a female.

I have a 5 year old siberian husky called sheba and she hates being in snow, water and wind! she loves to stay indoors, and she got so much energy that she will only go for a walk if the weather just right for her! but i love the breed.

I love these dogs they are sooo cute. When I get older and move out of my parents house thats the first thing I'm getting, a lovealbe little husky!!

I love this breed of dog the y are so play full. If you need a high energy dog and a good pet this is the breed for you. I had 3 huskys so far they all have been great pets so i hope you will get one of this amazing breed of dog.

I just recently got a red one. Very affectionate and very very cute. So excited that I got one.


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