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Rottweiler breed profile

Training and intelligence
This breed is very trainable, but it is very intelligent too, so you must be a good trainer, and show the dog exactly how you expect him to behave, otherwise he is quite capable of making his own decisions. Rottweilers are very eager to work, and the owner must make his/her contribution by socialising and training the dog well. They can be dominant, and are sensitive to your tone of voice.

The Rottweiler should be loyal, balanced and spirited. Their deep seated love for their family can lead them to be over-protective if they have not been socialised and trained.

Attitude towards strange dogs and people
Rottweilers are quite wary of strangers, unless socailised well. They can be unecessarily protective, if not given the experience of meeting lots of dogs and people.

Grooming and shedding
Grooming is minimal for this short coated breed, although Rottweilers do shed. Bathing, brushing and wiping over with a damp cloth can minimise shedding.

The Rottweiler is not a couch potato! He wants the opportunity to burn his energy off. He needs lots of exercise on a daily basis.

Need for company
Rottweilers love their family intensely, and thrive on being with them.

This is a breed that has been let down by inexperienced and unscrupulous owners. Rottweilers are a very loyal breed who adore their family. However early training and socialisation is a must. The breed can have a tendency towards bloat.


I have two rotts rocky is two princes is six months they are thu best kind a dog ever been made my babies soso frenly with kids loves every body very playfull and every Loyal u would never change them for on other kind of dog befor i got my female rott i had a t cup yorkie i paid a gooood doller for but gave it away to get my female rott thats how much i love them they are my kids to love them so much and they are very smart dogs but i have a problem hope sumbody can help me need to know how or when i can cut thu tails of when thu babies are born just want to be ready when thu time comes

Please think very hard about whether you need to dock the puppies' tails at all - if you are in the UK you can only do this if they are going to be working dogs. If you do want to dock their tails you MUST have it done by a vet - you must not attempt to dock them yourself. Cutting through their tails (as you put it) yourself will cause them enormous pain and possibly endanger their lives. Since you consider them to be such a wonderful breed, surely they deserve better treatment than that?
Also before you breed them it is advisable to have relevant health tests done, and have homes ready for the puppies.
Take care,
Julie xx

i allso love wrotwilers and i to am an artest i love to draw them and germen sheperds

People who look in disgust because you have a Rotty, are ignorant!! I have a three and would not trade the experience for anything. They were originally bred as hearding dogs. They are amazing, loving, smart, hard headed, playful, protective and just simply wonderful. People always fear what they do not understand!!

yes its very good breed if any body have the pappys plz inform ne

We do too!!!

i have i four year old i named Roxy

I love this breed i think rottweilers are the best breed ever i am an artist and i draw them all the time i have a rottweiler his name is ruttbeer he is so sweet i always let him mate because his puppy always turn out smart, adorable and sweet

A rottweiler owner will tell you that there is no better dog than a rotty! I'm sure all of you will agree with me! I have a beautiful boy, Santo. he's now 6 months old. even though I've only had him for not that long but I feel that I've known him for so long! It's really hard to express my feelings towards him, all I can say is that I truely love my baby

i love Rottweilers i think thay are grate dogs an i am 16 and have 1one my self he is called tyson and he is a lovely dog

Although I adore Fergie a dont think I would have another Rottweiler because of the negative response I get from the public some even give me a look of disgust

I own a Rottwiler
i would never breed beacuse people who don't know what there doing with this breed
and you know its not that hard just never lay a havy hand

I have a rottweiler his name is Zues they are amazing dogs!

I think the best breed is the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, not the Rottweiler.

i love my rottweiler his name is same he is about 2months and he is really so crazy !!!

I own a rotty called Sam and he is the best dog I've ever had. He can sit, stay, shake right or left paw, drop, speak, high 5, 'be gentle' taking treats, jump up with his paws on my shoulders and he will attack (just fun playfighting) on command. He adores children and is very gentle with them. He loves his west highland terrier friend and hes awesome!

Its nice to see our boy harley with his ball in his mouth as the headliner. He's now 2 and more handsome than ever. we will post some new pictures soon....

I love rottweilers as they are very kind and gentle dogs. A lot of people think they are visious and there not! I am 12 years old and love to play with my 6 year old and 1 year old rottweilers! Please give the rottweilers a chance they are amazing dogs. Also people think they should be band and they shouldn't , its the owners fault for bringing them up wrong not the dogs fault if they were brought up with love and the owners played with them then they would be friendly creatures. So please don't ban rottweilers cause they are very kind, helpful, majestic, good looking and a great guard dog.

I have a rottweiler buppy his name is goliath he is only 16 weeks old and nearly as big as my sisters fully grown boxer. he is my best friend

You havee a Beautifull Rotty. I have 2 rottys they are both girls and the one we put in shows is named Diesel. I think rottys are the best dogs. Yours is very beautiful.

I have Two AKC Rottweilers Leeah and Jake, PPl who look at you in disguest has never owned a rottweiler ..they do as they are taught..they arent born mean..besides i feel so loved because they are so pretective!!!..BTW I am breeding Next Yr!!!!

I think it is so funny when ppl take one look and they are scared to death..because ppl are so stupid! they have no idea..My Jake couldnt be more of a big baby..he loves ppl, he doesnt like be sneaked up on but he lets ya know really fast...lmao he loves baby talking you can win his heart with baby talking..oh and FOOD!..ppl have no idea..ive grown so attached to Jake and Leeah..that i would prob die if something happened to them...its the greatest thing...owning a rott. I cant put into i feel about my babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Besides..who cares what other ppl think..they just think that because they have never owned one...

I have to rottweilers and my niece and nephew are their worlds they look after them they are the best breed of dog !!!! i love them

I have two rottweilers and my niece and nephew are their worlds they look after them they are the best breed of dog !!!! i love them

I have a a rottie and a rottie cross dobermann. I adopted 1 of them as he was going to get put down. It was the best thing ive ever done he is so sweet, we're inseperable and he gets along wiv just about anyone. I dont agree with the person that said they wont get a rottie again cos of how people look at them, Those people are ignorant. As long as you know you're rottie isn't brought up to be agressive don't give up on the breed!!
I hope people start realising its not the dog its the owner that makes them agressive.

I have just recently got a rottweiler about 3 months ago. In my perspective i think this breed of dog is very good breed to have around the house! My Rottweiler Rosie is very good with my brothers and sisters and gets along with my other two dogs. We also have a cousin that was born lat week and she is very good with babbies. I have took Rosie to the dog park every other day ever since i got her to interact her with other dogs and people so she will get along with every person she interacts with in our home. Although she is very pertective over me and my family she is a very behaved dog. If someone was to break into the house she would not bite them or attack she would stand her ground and bark untill one of my family members has arrived to take control. As i said earlier Rottweilers in my opinion are a wonderful breed to have as long as you interact them with people and other animals and give them proper traning and affection.

I have a 2 year old Rottie,(Gunner) He is a great boy, big baby, and it is sad how people react, our neighbors wont even speak to us anymore, and poor Gunner has never done anything to them,they just dont even want to try and get to know him, grrr, and all it would take is a treat and he would be there friend forever,I think when you show your Rottie The love they ned and turn and give it right back in return.

I have a 2 year old Rottie,(Gunner) He is a great boy, big baby, and it is sad how people react, our neighbors wont even speak to us anymore, and poor Gunner has never done anything to them,they just dont even want to try and get to know him, grrr, and all it would take is a treat and he would be there friend forever,I think when you show your Rottie The love they ned and turn and give it right back in return.

i didn't know that i would come to love this kind of dog, but ever since i had one, i treated it as a part of the family. for six yrs we've been together, doing stuffs that we enjoy together.we were best friends until he passed away because of blood parasite. it was a tragedy to me, i cried every night and i miss him so much. there's no other dog like him.. ;(

WOW THIS IS THE BEST DAMN DOG IN THE WORLD! So cute!I want LOADS when I'm old enough! They rock socks! Love their protectivness! ROTTIES FOR LIFE!

Oh my goosh so cute! =D
I have a Rottweiler too, his name is Kiro

Down here in Nigeria, dog keeping is still a passion many are getting used to.I have a Rot I cherish so mcuh.Though it barks and disturbs the neighbourhood every night, I have no choice but to love it.It is the best of all breeds.

I have a 7 1/2 yr old german decent rott named Kujo, but all together my family and i have 17 total, we run a rott farm, the best danm breed there is i love a rott and dont care about what other people say about em bcause they are just wrong they dont know that there missing.....and there stupid if they say there blood thirsty as i have herd so many times and yeah if u constanlty beat one it will turn on u thats what people don't understand....

rottweilers are lovely dogs and yet people think there bad rottweilers are the best

I have a 6month old rottie her name is ellie and shes the best dog ever, we already have to other dogs a 10 yr old husky and a 9 yr old dalmatian but we decided to get a rottie after i saw one at the local animal shelter, we tried to rehome him but sadly he was given back to his original owners who wernt very nice to him. Before buying ellie we phoned up rottweiler rescue who sad to say wernt very nice at all the women who run rottweiler rescue answered the phone and my dad said that we were interested in rehoming a rottweiler, but he didnt pronounce the name as 'rott-viler' (as its ment to be pronounced) he just said the name as its written 'rottweiler' and before he could say anything else the lady said 'well im not giving you one anyway,you carnt even say the name properly'.not only that but she had nothing good to say about the breed! and she was meant to run a rescue center for them!any way after alot of looking we found a good breeder with great pedigree and we got ellie and we all love her to bits and she gets along great with all the other dogs. its sad though that the breed has such a bad name so bad infact that the people running the rescue centers dont even want to rehome the breed.

I have 3 rotties and I love each and every one of them. I remember the first time i saw one. I was won over for life. they love, protect and are more loyal than anyother breed that i know of. world's best dog ever!

I have 2 rotties, 1 st bernard-great dane mix & 2 cats. My rotties are german & Bruno is 2 & half years old, Midnight is going on 6 months. My 87 year old neighbor plays with my rotties & threws food at them, no one will play with the mutt cause she barks at everyone, my rotties only bark while playing.
Children walk up to them & hug them. They live with 2 cats, the only problem is they both detest those small yappy ankle biter dogs.
Rottweilers are the best dog IF you know how to raise them, love them & provide for them.

I have a Rottie named Chino and I never had a dog so beautiful, physical and spirit! People have such a misconception on these dogs because of what the media has to put out! I'm in the process right now of breeding my Rottie, obviously he couldn't be more happy, but his general demeanor with other dog is great. Rottie's are the only breed I ever wanted to and am currently building a breeding tree with.

All these pictures of rotti's are sweet. even though we only have a puppy we still want to see how they look when they get bigger.

Love Harley!! Have a rott that is identical to Harley, thought it was my bettis when I saw picture!

We live in England and have a 2 yr old rottie she is the best dog we have ever had. She is so Loyal and Placid and doesn't have an evil bone in her body. We have a 5 yr old little girl and they are the best of friends. We hate all the bad press that rotties get it's not the dogs that are bad but the owners who mistreat them and make them into an evil dog. Our dogs name is Chroi and is Gaelic for My Sacred Heart and she trully is. All our love to The Rottweiler Now and Forever X

I owned a Rottweiler named Max, for ten years. The most beloved dog I'ved ever owned. He was my best friend. It's very hard for me to get another one, because of the relationship we had, sometimes head strong, but very loyal to me.



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