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Rottweiler breed profile

Training and intelligence
This breed is very trainable, but it is very intelligent too, so you must be a good trainer, and show the dog exactly how you expect him to behave, otherwise he is quite capable of making his own decisions. Rottweilers are very eager to work, and the owner must make his/her contribution by socialising and training the dog well. They can be dominant, and are sensitive to your tone of voice.

The Rottweiler should be loyal, balanced and spirited. Their deep seated love for their family can lead them to be over-protective if they have not been socialised and trained.

Attitude towards strange dogs and people
Rottweilers are quite wary of strangers, unless socailised well. They can be unecessarily protective, if not given the experience of meeting lots of dogs and people.

Grooming and shedding
Grooming is minimal for this short coated breed, although Rottweilers do shed. Bathing, brushing and wiping over with a damp cloth can minimise shedding.

The Rottweiler is not a couch potato! He wants the opportunity to burn his energy off. He needs lots of exercise on a daily basis.

Need for company
Rottweilers love their family intensely, and thrive on being with them.

This is a breed that has been let down by inexperienced and unscrupulous owners. Rottweilers are a very loyal breed who adore their family. However early training and socialisation is a must. The breed can have a tendency towards bloat.


Please think very hard about whether you need to dock the puppies' tails at all - if you are in the UK you can only do this if they are going to be working dogs. If you do want to dock their tails you MUST have it done by a vet - you must not attempt to dock them yourself. Cutting through their tails (as you put it) yourself will cause them enormous pain and possibly endanger their lives. Since you consider them to be such a wonderful breed, surely they deserve better treatment than that?
Also before you breed them it is advisable to have relevant health tests done, and have homes ready for the puppies.
Take care,
Julie xx


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