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Newfoundland breed profile

Training and intelligence
This breed is intelligent, although training must be started as soon as possible, otherwise the size of the dog will render in uncontrollable. Newfoundlands love water and excell in water rescue.

It has become a cliché that Newfoundlands are gentle giants, and yet that is what they usually are. They are sweet natured. They do seem to have an affinity with children.

Attitude towards strange dogs and people
Newfoundlands are very friendly and generally laid back.

Grooming and shedding
They are moderate shedders, but bare in mind Newfoundlands have a long coat, and a lot of it! The grooming is demanding due to the shaggy coat and the sheer size of the dog.

Newfoundlands do not require excessive exercise, and in the critical early months when their skelton is still developing, exercise should be limited. They love getting wet, and swimming is great exercise for them.

Need for company
They are devoted to their family, especially any children. Newfoundlands are affectionate with their loved ones, and want to be with them.

Newfoundlands have webbed feet, underlining their love of swimming. They excel at water training and very strong life saving instincts. They are generlally relaxed and take things in their stride.


are the newfies suitable for the indian climate ,price of the female black n white n brown male

Very RARE exception.
Mine was Newfoundland/Retriever cross, though, and he was capable of scaring away bears. He was protective of me. If they feel that theyr'e family is being threatened, they are probably capable of protecting them. The only other time (in three years and i got him at a shelter and knew nothing about him) i had a problem was with a 100 pound un-neutured male lab on a hiking trail. I personally think it's quite irresponsible to have a large un-neutured un-leashed dog on a well populated trail, there are bound to be problems. Otherwise, my newf would tolerate two year olds sitting UNDER him and tugging at him (i.e. in the vet's office) for 45 minutes with no problem. He was extremely gentle but also extremely protective.

I have a newfie golden croos, and he is already getting fairly protective. but he is also fearful.
yourssounds like a great dog, i hope mine turns out liie that :)

The Newfoundland is a GREAT breed except my Newfie Panda He is now 1 year old. He is not nice to strangers. like when i took him for a walk i was Dead scared cause this man kept walking up to me and bothering me finally Panda snapped. he barked and growled the man left and never retured so i love panda and he is my one and only newfoundland,landseer!

well, this is the only breed and type of pets has attracted me so fast. I feel something good towards these type of dogs but i don't own even one, I shall not be tired of looking to own one and for sure it would be my best friend now and in the future,,,, please help me to find one (good breed and huge).. I know that I live so far from you guys but please enjoy being with this gentle and lovely type.

I have now got 2 newfies(sam + matilda) they mean everything to me

i have a newfi he 22 weeks old he is my best friend he knows when im up set and just wants to play to make me happy he is my world he go's to work with me every day ther isnt a moment he is with out me or i with him he sleeps with me at nite my little girl tells me i love him more but she knows i dont

i loveee my newfoundland his name is murphy. Hes kind of strange becuase he doesnt like water. its very weeird

How does a person get ahold of Chris Rushton to get a Newfie?


I have Newfoundland called oscar and i love him soooo much

My dog just got attacked by a newfoundland... My dog's a greyhound. He had to get stitches in over 5 places including hs neck, chest, and legs. The other dog was unaffected. Maybe it's just an exception to the breed.

Life span -- twelve years, if properly cared for.
Have you read "The Noble Newfoundland Dog?"

They are very loyal and sweet even though mine still tears up the garbage.

chris rushton is a wonderful breeder in the UK. he loves and cares for his newfies with all his heart. if you are lucky enough to acquire one of his newfs, you can be rest assured that your baby will be healthy, happy and well socialized.


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