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Yorkshire Terrier breed profile

Training and intelligence
Yorkshire Terriers are intelligent, but it is up to you to persevere and use motivational training methods. House brekaing has a reputation for being difficult with Yorkies, but again it can depend on how much effort the owner puts in. Set your rules and be consistent.

Yorkies are alert, brave and affectionate. They vary - some Yorkshire Terriers will be happy to be more of a lap dog, while most are more feisty.

Attitude towards strange dogs and people
They have very good ears, which alert them to anyone approaching their territory; they good watch dogs, and will in turn alert you. Good socialisation is important for Yorkshire Terriers to feel confident and relaxed enough to take the world in their dainty stride.

Grooming and shedding
Yorkshire Terriers do not shed. Their coats can grow very long, and need a lot of grooming. In pet dogs, it may well be easier to have the coat clipped.

Yorkshire Terriers do like exercise, but don't expect them to do miles every day. Be aware and considerate of the health implications of a small dog - such as delicate knee joints.

Need for company
They do like company, and Yorkshire Terriers prefer to be with their people. Don't leave them for long periods if you want a happy dog.

This is a breed that has a long life span - you will be lucky enough to have your Yorkshire Terrier a long time, make sure they will be lucky to have you! They can be noisy, and have a tendency to feel the cold.


Just recently bought a wee yorkie pup, it is now 13 weeks old, i need help or can anyone tell me why it keeps piddling all the time. if anyone comes into the house it pees over the foot an a trickle around the floor. if you take it for a walk it wont do anything outside as soon as you come inside it pees.. any tips or help would be greatly appreciated, thanks phil

Hi my name is Shannon and i have to yorkshire terrier boys. one is 15 MONTHS OLD AND THE OTHER IS 2 YRS AND 3 MONTHS. i am having a hard time trainning them with house breaking no matter how consistant i am. is there any ideas you can give me in order to help me train them

I am having this same problem Shannon and our yorkie will be five in November. He barks at everyone but he refuse to bark to let someone know he has to go outside (that's not a time that is his usually go outside time). He has attacked people jogging and little kids outside. We have come to the conclusion to give him up for adoption because he keeps crapping and peeing all in the apartment.

my uncle has a russian yorkshire terrier and she not a puppy
he said his going to give it me but will she get used to me ????

I have a yorkie mix, his name is Paradise, he is almost 3yrs old, I think that he might be mixed with lhaspo alspo, he weighs about 15 pounds now, and he talks by making noises almost like growling, but he does it in different tones. I try to make the same tones and we have a little conversation, I have no idea of what he is trying to tell me except that he wants to go outside or he wants a treat, and he noses me when he wants to go to bed.
He is quite the chatty cathy sometimes and can get quite pushy. He only weighed 6oz when we got him but he has grown into a big boy. He has all of the coloring and the hair and face of a yorkie, but he's bigger than any yorkie that I've seen.

Hi Vivi, Looks like they can have either large or small ears. I am confused about why some ears are up and some are down? My very first yorkie had ears that stood up. I have since owned 2 more puppies and their ears are flopped down. What is up with that? I just read that some puppies ears are cropped or bobbed something like that? I never thought to ask the breeder that question. Should I be concerned if at 6 to 12 months the ears are still down. I have papers for both do you think they could be mixed with something else. Please anyone who know I would appreciate any help. Linda

Hi Linda:
I have the same question. I have a 1 1/2 year old yorkie girl, she came from a pet store with breeder papers that we have checked on to make sure she's pure breed and seems to be, but her ears are flopped down. To us it doesn't matter we still love her to death. But I was wondering What's up with that? Some people tell be she's not pure breed. Also is this breed born with no tails? We were wondering all the yorkies we see have the little snub tail and we were wondering if they were born like this or the breeder have them snipped tails. Let me know what you know. Jeannie

I read somewhere that they tape their ears when puppies to train the ears to stand up on their own. The book said some have better cartilage than others and some ears might not stand as well as others. I have not hear of this breeds ears being cropped, just trained to stand. They say it only takes a few days and that it also works with older yorkies. I would suggest doing a google search. :O) Good luck.

You must watch him all the time for about a month if not longer.. he's like a child you could not potty train your child by just letting him/her run wild. They will all show signs of having to go.. like sniffing around and doing circles. get him treats and when he does go in the right spot.. Try to only teach one thing at time. ie: Potty training.
Then when he learns that move on to the next thing like sit.

hey i think when he wees in ur house u should not give him any more treats....
and like take her out side

Silky's look a lot like Yorkie's and they have big ears and a more solid body which makes them heavier. Maybe yours is a Silky Terrier.

where is the photo ,would love to see her

Watch him for signs of needing to go constantly, praise hin when he gets it right.If he gets it wrong stick his nose in it!!!

I have heard lots of people advocate pushing a dog's nose into a poo he has done in the wrong place.
From what I can gather this not only cruel but also completely ineffective. Punishing a dog in any way for something he has already done is pointless. It is far better to praise and reward him when he does something right.
Toilet training requires a lot of time, patience and perseverence, but with that combination you will see results. It is a frustrating time, but I do not agree with pushing a dog's nose into any "mistakes" they produce.
What do other people think?

Anyone that pushes their dog into its own poo (or wee) shouldn't own an animal. If you suspect your puppy is about to do its business, then move him/her to an acceptable area. If you come home to find mess on the floor, then you should have gotton home earlier, and your dog will definately not know what it has been punished for. Get to know your pet and its traits or hand him/her to someone who will.

I agree one shouldn't puch a pup's nose into it. I have a two month old yorkie for a week now and I find when he weens in anyones arms he is trying to tell them he wants to get down to go to the washroom. If you don't put him right outside then he will do it in the house as soon as you put him down. I let him sleep in the kennel once he fall's off in my arms and when he wakes up he weens to let me know. I carry him outside and he uses right away if it's cold out he runes to my feet to pick him up. About 15 to 20 min after he eats I put him out then too. I prase him up every time he does number 1 or 2.
A friend of mine used to give her yorkie treats as a reword for doing it outside and so he thought he was going outside to get a treat because he looked to go out and didn't do anything and when he came in he ran to the kitchen counter for his treat.

The trainer that I am working with suggested putting my puppy in time out (if you catch her in the act) when she goes in the wrong place. If you do not catch her in the act, you just ignore it. He said that putting the dog's nose in it will not work. He also suggested that, if you are working with a clicker as a training tool, mark the pee pad or the backyard (whichever you are using as her bathroom) with the clicker when she goes in the right place. After the dog is finished doing their business, reward with a treat. I hope this helps.

my yorkie is 7inches high and thinks its a rotwieler, she fears nothing,and is first one to the door when anyone calls, my friend bought two of her last litter of pups , and said if she had the dogs first she would never have had children, ha ha..

it seems that there are two types of yorkshire terrier the small type and slightly bigger.i know what i want but can only see the small tiny type.but when i saw chloe and jody they looked like my dogs twin.i was begining to wonder if their was a mix breed but chloe and jody are buityfull but now i know they are out there great pictures

These are the cutest dogs ever. Please spered it around the whole world.

I think that Yorkshier Terriers are really really adorible!!!!I have one just like it her name is tiffany!!!!!!!!She is a Yorkshier Terrier too!!!!!!!! Tiffany is a white Yorkshier Terrier mix !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well thanks for letting send my commemt talk to you later. byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

I have an yorkshire, and i love him..... he is very beautiful and affectionate.....
For me he is my young brother!

Goodby and thats yorkshires are very beautiful.

Those dogs are sooooooo cute !!!!!!

Hi, I also own a yorkshire.. he is the cutest thing.. but I wondered if he was pure because I read somewhere that they should have small ears... and Eccolo's aren't small.. but I've seen some pictures here where I can see a lot of them have them big too =)

I have a yorkie 18 months old, I had him when he was 8 months old, HE STILL WEE'S IN THE HOUSE,SOMETIMES. I have go no trust in him anymore, CAN ANYONE SUGGEST HOW I CAN STOP HIM.PLEASE

they are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love them


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