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Oliver : Irish Setter breed profile
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Training and intelligence
Irish Setters are sensitive souls, so gentle positive training methods will yield the best results. You will have to persevere to achieve a good recall as they are easily distracted by interesting scents.

These glamorous redheads are affectionate and sweet natured. Irish Setters are very high spirited, but are generally good with children.

Attitude towards strange dogs and people
Irish Setters are very friednly towards both unfamiliar dogs and people. They are not guarders at all.

Grooming and shedding
Shedding will be low, although that glorious coat will need some attention. Daily brushing will help keep the Irish Setter's coat in good condition.

The Irish Setter has a lot of energy, and needs opportunities to burn it off. Walking and free running will help keep them happy.

Need for company
Irish Setters like to be with their people. This is definitley a breed that doesn't thrive on being left alone, as it likes some form of company, human or otherwise.

Irish Setters are slow to mature, and remain puppylike throughout their lives. They have a tendency to bark if left unoccupied.

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Didnt think much of pee pads!

Didnt think much of pee pads!

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Beau & Dylan : Irish Setter

Dogs name: Beau & DylanOwners Name: Cara & Tony

Dogs name: Beau & Dylan
Owners Name: Cara & Tony

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I am on my third Irish red setter, in between an English setter. They are without doubt the most glorious of breeds with such a loving disposition when I had 3 children my first setter became child 4! Adoring and desperate to please they have now become my life long companions and my home would be empty without my current red 'Mayo' He has lived and travelled to two countries with me and been adored by all that met him. I concur with comments above my only advice to new red setter owners is...endless patience for the first 18 months which are a joy and trial but after that the calm after the tornado...but so worth the wait!