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German Shepherd Dog breed profile

Training and intelligence
They take to training well. They are very intelligent, and enjoy activities that challenge their mind such as obedience, agility etc. German Shepherds are able and willing to serve in a huge variety of roles, but positive, reward based training methods will get the best results.

German Shepherds are loyal, brave and protective. They can be wonderful family dogs, but children must be taught to respect them.

Attitude towards strange dogs and people
They are natural guards, and German Shepherds can be wary of strange people. They can also be dominant with other dogs. Socialisation is a must with this breed - the effort will pay off in a well-balanced companion who is a joy to be with.

Grooming and shedding
German Shepherds do shed heavily, and daily groomin will probably be necessary. Some strains have longer coats than others, and obviously, the longer the coat, the more the grooming and shedding.

The German Shepherd has a lot of physical energy and mental capacity - both of which need to be given an outlet. Activities that use all the German Shepherd's abilities will lead to a happy dog. These are not couch potatoes - they will only be happy and relaxed if they are given opportunities to burn off their abounding energy.

Need for company
They form a very close bond, usually with one person, although they love the whole family. Being with their people is important for a German Shepherd, and he will probably want to know where every member of the family is within the house, so he can keep en eye on you.

German Shepherds are very demanding - do not underestimate the commitment you are making in taking one on. Make sure you go to a responsible breeder, as breeding is very important for many reasons. A well bred dog, that you have put the effort in to socialise, train and exercise, is a marvellous companion.


I love this breed!
We have 2 german's, rottweiler's and dobermann's, and you cant' really compare them :D
Milo and Diargo are the most loveable shepherds on this here very earth, they wouldnt hurt a soul ;)
It's really a great breed, but needs some training, so they don't get out of hand.. they are, however, easy to train ^^

Are they really that bad?

yes this breed is too good ,Im also intreasted to have this



your so lucky if u get one because we had to give ours away = [ she was 70 lbs and where we live thay have two be 25 an under i miss her so much

German Shepherds ..OMgosh they are so cute..

i've had three but 1 died i love german sheperds but everyone looks at them when we are on are walk and smirk at them i dont know why loads of people hate german shepherds so much. but i love them and i think sheperds rule do you

The only reason most people hate German Shepherds is that they are scared of them and have never had one. I've never had one but that dosen't mean I'm scared of them or hate them. I want one but can't afford it. I think they are the best breed out there. They help the peace officers (police) help protect our homeland with the Military. And most importantly saved lives on September 11, 2001. Many German Shepherds died doing this, and some were euthanized afterward because of the toxic fumes of the burning Tower's made them sick. It was a sacrifice they were happy to make, to protect their people and help them. They love doing things like that for that was what they were bred for. When you bond with a German Shepherd, that bond will only get stronger every day.

im so sorry we hade one her name was mischa but we gave her away because she was 70 lbs and we cant have dogs over 25

Yes, because my 2 sheperds are energetic, delightful, cuddly, loyal, and super smart! I 'm sad that they don't live that long. i'm sorry about your loss. The people that hate them don't know that the German Sheperd has been officially titled as the official dog of NY state for all their brave rescue work during the tragedy of 9/11.

I'm going to get one in may because alsatians have got to be the most amazing dog eva! i've always wanted one

german shepards are a great breed i love their effiction and their whole attitude they are so loyal to the family they are also a good looking dog.

I have a beautiful German Shepherd dog. I love to take her for long runs in the spring, summer and fall. Sometimes I take her for two mile runs, while on her leash. As soon as I'm out the door, I begin singing the theme song to the show "Littlest Hobo", in my mind, and I keep singing it over and over until we get back home. I love running with my dog, and she loves it too! And I always take plenty of water with us so my dog can quench her thirst. If I forget to bring some water, I go into restaurants and ask for some water so my dog won't get dehydrated and the waiters or waitresses are always glad to comply.

I love german sheperd dogs, there great. i own too of them and there both so sweet and fun to hang with. my one german shepherd is so close to me he rides on the 4wheeler when we go to the lake down the rode and rides on our little boat when i take it out.

I love Shepherds i only have one tho(shes at the bottom of this page on the right side her names Sonna) i want to breed her soo bad but i dad said no:( but when im older im def gunna be buying more!!!

I absolutely love GSD's, they are so smart & athletic. They are such a joy to be around. One is just not enough, I plan on getting another one in the summer!

My dog Hammer He's such a Good Dog!!! I LUV him to DEATH! Him and I will ALWAYS Play Rough! and Play Fetch! He's 9 and I'm 14 and he can Still RUN faster than I can! Even though hes getting old I can really tell this year him and I will still play! Yea my Favorite dog would have to be a German Sheperd! He will let my cat Lucki Lay on him in the winter (in the Garage)Its so CUTE!!! He is just such a Fun, Loving DoG!!!

I have always grown up around German Shepherds. My dad is a K-9 Trainer with a Police Department. They usually use Malawas(sp?) and German Sheperds. Finding Germans Shepherds that will preform well in a Police Envoirnment is sometimes hard. But my ovral rating of German Shepherds are that they are WONDERFUL dogs!!!! They are very good with famlies (as long as the famliey, namely little kids, learn to repect them. I know I did!) But they are completly WONDERFUL animals and are TONS of fun! I wouldn't ever trade my German Shepherds for ANY other dog!!! But I do agree witht the fact that they are not couch potatoes, so anyone thinking about getting one has to be ready to let out it's energy!!!

When my brothers and sisters and I were small, my mother would walk our GS, my beloved Terry, along the curb outside our house and tell him not to let the children run into the street. If any of us tried to go off the curb, he would bark and nudge us back, nipping at our clothes and pulling us if necessary. My mother has a photograph of him with me sprawled asleep on him. I was no more than two or three, and he did not get up until I woke of my own accord. He was wonderful.

I have 2 beautiful german shepherd dogs at home the girl is black tan all colour full and the male is black on the back and tan on the sides and paws. they love coming for walks, jogs and runs. they had puppies for the 6th time and they are so adorable well good luck to all the others that have gertman shepherd dogs i noe we all think there beautifly SEXY!!!

I Own a GSD shes my best friend i love her to peices we go on 3 walks a day and i take her before i leave to go to school on a morning shes so friendly and would do anyhthing for me or my family shes had a bad ear in the past but gotten over it and is back to her normal self shes the best dog i could ask for they are really good dogs kim 14 x

I have a 11 month old gsd that I'm breeding next year and I wouldn't change her for the world .... she is my big baby but she thinks she is still a foot tall and thinks she can get on the back of the couch or sit on my knee lol. let me know if any one wants a pup lol 07927067904

Once you've owned a German Shepherd you'll never want any other breed! They are simply amazing, intelligent animals. I have two, Josh and Penny and love them to bits.

the german shepherd is the best dog ever and ppr boss to play with i own one and there dead freindly and playful

Hi 'm George from Mexico I love my German Shepherd because he is so nice when you are playing with him,he is so servicial, he likes all I give him and he isn't that kind of the dogs that are always sitting down or sleep. It's name is grizzly my best dog.

I owned a long haired german shepherd and her name was snaps...she was the best dog i ever had...sadly german shepherds are prone to back problems and as a result if she went through a 7,ooo$ surgury there was still an 80% chance of her coming out we chose to put her out of her mizery and put her to sleep...she was a great copanyon,friend, guard, and playmate to our other dog...No one could have asked for a better dog...deticated to my baby girl,Mackenzie

My german shepherd was a "reject" from a police/military breeder - she wasn't aggressive enough! As it turns out she is the most affectionate, fun, laid back dog I've ever known. I think this is a fantastic breed that has a lot of patience and wants to learn everything. A little bit of training goes a long way. Just make sure you have the energy to keep up with them.

I just got my pup about 2 weeks ago. His name is Lokahi which means Giving in hawaiian. He always follows me wherever i go and for a pup listens very well when i dicipline him. He is just starting to get playful with the other dogs in the apartment complex i live in.
Being in the Air Force i see alot of german sheppards being trained. Ive always wanted a companion and i thought why not get the best. As good as Lokahi is now im sure he'll be even better when he gets older. i couldnt be happier with my dog.

i have a 2 yr old sheperd called max an i realy do love this breed because of there versatility, mine is trained in protection obedience and agility an hopefully we will go on to do sports

I think the german shepherd dog (GSD) is a very loving dog and very intelligent. They make very good compainoins and if you would like a guard dog then they are very good at keeping you safe. Ithink this is the best breed and lots of people think they are mean but that is only when they are working for the police when you have them for pets they are alot different.

I love my gsd and adore him.we've had him 3years
now from 7 weeks old.His name is max,his picture is on this page,he's standing on a wall on holiday in Grt Yarmouth.I can't imagine life without him.He's so loving and obedient.He looks forward to his walks every day and he loves me to brush him every day too.I let him come on the bed in the mornings for about 10 minutes,but when i tell him to get off he gets off straight away.We would never have any other dog than a GS.He's my big baby and i love him to bits.

I own an 11 year old shepherd, and you couldn't ask for a better dog. She is loyal, funny and she has the best personality. I couldn't ask for anyone better.

I have a fantastic 16 month old Shepherd named Strider. She is my best friend! Anyone who is interested in getting a German Shepherd PLEASE DO NOT GET ONE IF YOUR NOT INTERESTED IN TAKING ON A SERIOUS LIFE TIME COMMITMENT. These dogs are wonderful but incredibly demanding. They are hard to leave at home for alone for any amount of time, like it says they will worry about every member of the family when they are gone. They must be given at least an hour of hard exercise a day!!!

I love GSDs, we have two of them and they are highly intelligent dogs!! Although they can be a pain when they play and nip your feet by accident, they are lovely and are very valuable members of our family. I've never known any dogs to be so laid back in my life!! Wonderful dogs. I'd give them 4 stars.

I LOVE GERMAN SHEPHERDS!!! I haf one and he is so kute! even tho he is a bit hyper at bits xD i LOVE him And he has a gorgeous gf xD

I have two German Shepherds - Thor and Zena, nineteen months in age. These dogs are like my children and I love them with all my heart. Every evening when I arrive home from work, they are there to greet me. They are totally spoiled, but it doesn't matter, these dogs are very protective of my husband and myself. Everyone should have the experience of owning a dog - they are a wonderful thing - and I know mine are.

German sheperds are a very smart dog breed Plus this dog breed is a caring great with children breed. And it also has a soical content and a protective side.

Hi I'm brenna and yes I have a dog her name is Bella she is not ant a German Shepherd but I LOVE her sooooooooooooooooooo much she just that five pups she is a that are all con now:-(when I an older I am going to get a German Shepherd

I love GSD's. I was raised with one and have had 5 of my own two of which I own now along with a 85 lb lab and chow mix, Kodi Bear. He's great too but since this is a GSD site I will tell you about my GSD's.

One is a white, Ghost Wolf, who is 5 years old now and weighs 135 lbs. He may be about 10 lbs overweight but he is just a BIG Boy. I've had him since he was 6 weeks old. People were selling them too young, just wanted to get rid of them as they hadn
't planned on the mother having any more. They said they thought she was to old to get pregnant???? I bought him on a trip to my sisters and left for home right after the purchase. I happened to notice that his gums and tounge were almost white. After a rushed visit to the vet, blood tranfusions and over a $400.00 bill he was fine. He is extrememly protective, doesn't like anyone but me. Due to health problems I haven't been able to socialize him like I did my others but his personality is very different too.

My Other shepherd, Dak Dingo, is 4 years old and weighs in at 120 lbs........not overweight at all, just BIG. My vet can't get over how big both Dak and Ghost are. Dak was a rescue. Someone dropped him off at the pound, left him in in the overnight dropoff. He was adopted by someone who dropped him off the same day as adoption, again in the night deposit cage, called the next day and said that he was animal agressive. He's not, they just didn't introduce him into the household correctly. Anyway another couple adopted him in January and by July had decided he was to much for them. A friend told me about them and wanted to know if I wanted him. I told them no I had two big dogs and that was enough. I tried to help them find a home for him. The woman called one day to thank me for trying to help find a home for him and said that her husband couldn't take any more and was taking him back to the pound. They had already been told that it would be his third trip and he would be put down so I told her that I would take him. They brought the dog over and the man proceeded to tell me how he took the dog for a walk 5 times a day and kept him in the utilty room the rest of the time and that he howled and chewed the walls. Well DUH!!! What did he expect. He said he couldn't let him in the house because his cats didn't like the dog........So put the cats in another room half the time........why did you get a dog to beging with? Anyway, I took him and when the people left Dak didn't even look back at them. He has decided I am the only person he likes and I do have to watch him around other people but he is a joy to me........and I had no trouble with him and the other dogs as I introduced them properly. They love each other and are best buds.

I love german shepherds!! I used to have one but it died. I think german shepherds are the best dogs in the whole world!!!! I hope I get another German Shepherd. GERMAN SHEPHERDS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a german shepherd and I fell in love with them ever since I first seen them because they are loyal, kind, curious, friendly (sometimes), and very, very intelligent dogs, so I had to get one for my own. She is a 7 month old black/tan beutiful puppy who always knows how to make me laugh and how to make me angry. She is a very healthy pup who you will be getting pics of...... eventually.

Eddy is really to Fantastic Dog i want this Dog or of his puppy's:)

I had a German Shepherd dog for 3 years and he was amazing! He bonded with me more than anyone else in my family! I would reccomend this amazing breed to anyone who wants a great family dog!

I think this breed of dog is astonishing because they have such power when they run.Also they are very powerfull dogs wich I like.Also I like their colour to.
They are wonderfull.


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