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Weimaraner breed profile

Training and intelligence
This breed is confident and intelligent, so it can have a tendency to be dominant. You need to start training early to avoid your Weimaraner getting into bad habits.

This striking looking breed loves to be part of family life. Weimaraners are cheerful, boisterous dogs who love to be involved in all the comings and goings. They are also very loyal.

Attitude towards strange dogs and people
Alert and curious, the Weimaraner is a good watch dog. They are usually reserved with strane people, and they do tend to guard both their territory and their pack. To enhance the Weimaraner's temperament socialise well and persevere with training.

Grooming and shedding
That beautiful short glossy Weimaraner coat sheds little, and needs little grooming to keep it in good condition.

Lots of exercise is necessary for this breed to burn of its energy. Activities that help exercise that capable brain are good too. Be careful with exercise around meal times, as Weimaraners can suffer from bloat.

Need for company
This is not a breed that will be happy away from its family. Weimaraners need to live inside the house, and they need time with their people.

The Weimaraner has a strong prey instinct, so be aware that without training - and possibly even with training! - it will want to chase cats and other small animals.


the breed is hard work to start with but if you put in the training they are a very loving and fun dog to have great with kids and other dogs they just want to play or cuddle up on the sofa !!!


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