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Golden Retriever breed profile

Training and intelligence
Golden Retrievers are very intelligent, and this coupled with their desire to please, means they do well at obedience, agility and so on. They can be trained to carry out mainy different duties.

The Golden Retriever is a sensitive breed that wants to please. They love all the family, especially children. They are affectionate and gentle and one of the best breeds for a family dog, which is reflected by their popularity.

Attitude towards strange dogs and people
This is a very friendly breed. Golden Retrievers have very little guarding instinct, and are not usually a problem with other dogs.

Grooming and shedding
This is a heavy shedding breed, life witha Golden Retriever will involve regular grooming requirements. Daily brushing will keep that glossy coat in good condition. Start grooming them early so they become used to it.

Exercise must be limited when the Golden Retriever is young to allow the skeleton to developsufficiently to support the weight of the dog safely during exercise. The adult dog needs lots of exercise to burn off its energy. They enjoy activities such as fly ball and so on.

Need for company
They love their family and thrive on spending time with them. Golden Retrievers have been bred to serve in a variety of ways, and they need close companionship. If they are left alone too much they can misbehave.

This dog is primarily a retriever, and it is orally fixated; keep treasures out of its reach and train it not to steal household items. Most Golden Retrievers love water, which can be a useful alternative to exessive walking/running in the early months.


This dog is unresistable. (s)he reminds me of the good old days when i had a pup, just like her( or him). Down at the beach is a place to have a relaxing, fun time; and i see thats just what (s)he's done.

this is very intresting! as they get old they loose eye sight? glad to know that!!

I like your dogs I have always wanted a GR I might get 1 soon!

i have a golden reteriver she is 10 months old and i love her... she is so adorable, and so smart. she can sit pretty,sit,lay down,shake both paws,chase ehr tail,roll over and come and stay. xD

I really like Golden Retrievers Because they are so cute plus I have a 1 year old Golden Retriever and I treat it like it is my baby.

i love!! golden retrievers they are sooooo cute i got one last year we treat her like a kid she has her own bed and everying she goes to school an we got her presents for her birthday i got her a
pup achino
next year we are getting another golden retriever!!

I love this breed I have one that is 5 months old he is still a little baby and likes to play all times I really love him !!!

I have two golden retrievers and think there the greatest dogs in the world. even if they are crazy when there puppies.

i have a gd and he is 8 weeks old!!! already i am really attached to him!

I have Golden Retriever. My Golden names Chelsi.You know that it must be kindly and friendly. But it's mine super hyperactive. I'm just hohohoho....why???? But Chelsea loves me much, and I loves Chelsi too...

They are the best breed ever!!!!
So cute, they are big, special, intelligents, sensitives...What else can you ask for???


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