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Rover or Rumpelstiltskin?

There's been a lot in the UK media about dog names and what they reflect about the owners. What's your dog called, and which category do you fit into? I love finding out how and why people name their pups. I was walking to a breeder the other day who uses song titles as inspiration, so each litter is named after the song titles of a specific artist. Someone else I know goes through the alphabet so that each dog she has has to have a name beginning with the next letter, for example Alfie, then Bertie, then Charles and so on. She's currently up to M so she obviously likes her system!

It is a big responsibility, naming a dog and there are many things to take into account. Is it suitable for the breed - or is it appropriately ironic, e.g. Tiny for a Great Dane? Is it short enough for the dog to recognise? Is it non-embarrassing enough for you to call out in the park on a daily basis? Then there's the debate of whether to opt for a traditionally human name or to choose a name more associated with dogs e.g. Spot, Rover. As we all strive to stamp our individuality on our lives, our dogs names sometimes reflect this, becoming whackier and weirder. It is great to have a story to tell about how your dog got his name.

It's a subject I've pondered before - you can read my article here. Ultimately, I suppose it's not really that important what you call your dog, as long as you say it with love.

Take care,

Julie x


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