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Vet advice on whether and when to neuter your dog

Here are the top myths that Debs and her colleagues at Scarsdale Vets deal with on a regular basis that you might find surprising:

Scarsdale Vets busts common myths about neutering your pets.

We all think we know about when it is and isn’t right to neuter our pets and the impact it will have, don’t we? Well perhaps not, as Scarsdale Vets launches a campaign this February which allows pet owners to access the correct information surrounding neutering surgery.

In addition to this campaign, Scarsdale Vets has created a factsheet which aims to bust the most common myths surrounding neutering and castration, in the hope that clients past, present and future, will have all the facts at their fingertips, allowing them to make better-informed choices for their pets. These myths are based on many of the questions Scarsdale Vets are regularly asked ahead of neutering surgery, along with input from their reception team who are the ones on the frontline answering calls and enquiries from the public.

A comprehensive list of FAQs is available online (, but Scarsdale Vets is also encouraging pet owners to book a visit to find out more, with the opportunity of getting a free health check for their adolescent cats and dogs. Scarsdale’s team of vets perform neutering surgery on not only Derbyshire’s dogs and cats, but also rabbits and guinea pigs (known as ‘small furries’, in the business!)

Debs Smith, Senior Small Animal Veterinary Surgeon, said “At Scarsdale we carry out neutering procedures on a regular basis, and often have to answer quite a lot of misconceptions that our clients have about the process, including pre and post-surgery queries. I’m really pleased we are running this campaign, as it’s important that our clients get a better understanding of how neutering works, and how it can benefit their pets.


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