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Injections and inter-species communication - food for thought

A couple of headlines caught my head in the newspaper I bought on Saturday. One was Vaccines 'are making our dogs sick as vets cash in' and featured quotes from Catherine O'Driscoll of Canine Health Concern. I interviewed Catherine for Episode 96 of DogCast Radio, and I know her worries come from her experiences with her own dogs. I have to say that my dogs' vets have always been open and helpful on the subject, but it is certainly an area of concern to me too. I don't believe that most vets are in their profession simply to make money; there are much easier ways to make money! I believe most of them are motivated by a love of animals, and a desire to help them. However, it does seem that sometimes they can be fed misleading information right from the start of their training due to the financial sway large companies have over vet schools. Definitely interesting - though worrying - reading and listening.
The other article that interested me featured animal communicator Pea Horsley. The pet whisperer: Can this woman really talk to animals...or is she barking? was the question. Well I don't know, but I enjoyed the insights into her world and thoughts that the article offered. The world is full of odd things - dogs that can detect earthquakes, epileptic seizures and low blood sugar levels to name but a few. Some dogs even seem to be aware of when their owner decides to come home. I don't think all dogs have these amazing abilities, but I know some of them do. I believe dogs - like humans - are individuals with varying talents and abilities. I can't communicate with animals, maybe you can't but can we really state categorically that our experience means Pea Horsley can't? For example it's a fact that I'll never be able to swing around and somersault off those parallel bars in a gymnasium - but I've seen some people do it. Until I get proof either way, I'm keeping an open mind.
While I was researching Pea a little, I am across an article from 2008 entitled Found! Marmite the Jack Russell is rescued after animal psychic pinpoints the hole he's trapped in . It's impossible to make any conclusive judgment without knowing the people concerned better, but if any of our animals went missing, I think I just might want to talk to Pea. I'd just have to hope that the animal felt the same!
Take care
Julie x


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