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Let sleeping dogs lie

You know the saying about if you want the best seat in the house move the dog? Well in our house it's often if you want to work at the computer move the dog. Star has tried out most possible resting places in our house, and because she's such a small dog, she can squeeze herself into spaces you wouldn't think possible. She is less adventurous these days, but when she was a tiny puppy there were many times we carried out full scale searches, only to find her blissfully asleep in a cupboard.

She certainly has a knack for getting comfortable, and anything soft that find its way onto the floor is fair game, be it a cushion or a sweater. We once found her curled up in the laundry basket - dirty laundry thankfully, which I suppose smelled good to her somehow! Her other source of pleasure is finding a strip of sunshine to lie in. She will roll onto her back, paws dangling in the air, and luxuriate in the warmth.

Buddy prefers the comfort of the sofa, which he does often have to share with Star, but she is definitely the more inventive napper of the two. Even when supplied with a purpose made and bought soft indoor kennel (pink of course) she had to add her own touch. Rather than crawl inside, she jumped on the roof, squashing it down and used it as a bed rather than a kennel. Maybe she has slight claustrophobia, I don't know. I just wish I could achieve the level of comfort and relaxation she appears to.

Take care

Julie x



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