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Cold Wet Nose Show Videos

Dog display team

This dog display team make it look easy. Not only do the dogs run across the high dog walkway on cue, but they will also lie down in place when instructed.

The commentary contains useful dog information too, for example about the hierarchy between the dogs in the group. It great to watch the handlers and dogs working together, and giving their dogs something to excercise both body and mind.

Star won't do timed retieve

Here, Jenny tries to get her Bichon Frise, Star to fetch a small dumbell. With some encouragement, Star trots down the course towards the item she should retrieve. However, once she gets there, she just won't pick it up - it's all beneath her. Jenny does her best to persuade Star, but finally, it Jenny who carries the dumbell back - along with Star too!
Well - it was all about fun, not winning.

Timed retrieve

Here a black dog shows how to do a quick timed retrieve. His owner gets excercise too! This was at fun dog show, the Cold Wet Nose Show. It was good to see how different dogs approached the game. Some, like this dog cooperated, while others could take a bit more persuading!

Heelwork training class

This is a video of a training class at the Cold Wet Nose Show. This was run by Dr Roger Mugford's The Company of Animals. As you can see, in this class handlers were learning how to get their dog to walk to heel.

They were doing really well, but I love the Cocker Spaniel off to the left hand side who decided to opt out! I like a dog with a bit of spirit and a mind of his own.

Kate and Gin at the Cold Wet Nose Show

Kate and Gin shot to fame in the UK television show Britain's Got Talent. Here they are entertaining the crowd at the Cold Wet Nose Show with another brilliant display of doggy dancing.
Gin is a very clever dog, and so willing to work. Kate is obviously a talented trainer with lots of patience to train her Border Collie. Here they are dancing to Abba's Mama Mia.

Buddy timed retrieve

Buddy, my Labrador takes part in a fun timed retrieve game at the Cold Wet Nose Show. This required him to run down the enclosure, pick up a ball, and then race back. As you can see he wasn't that bothered about how fast he went, and so we didn't win. We did have fun though, which was what the whole day was about, so that was okay.

Dog agility with fire

Agility with fire thrown in just to make it more difficult!
These dogs are jumping through hoops which are on fire, and then running along a rasied dog walk jumping through hoops which are on fire. One dog even retrieves a dumbell which has flames at the ends of it.
This video demonstrates the amazing things that dogs can do, and as you can see none of the dogs even seem to notice the flames, they just get on with doing what they are doing.

Kong Alley game at the Cold Wet Nose Show

In this video, you can see dogs taking part in Kong Alley at the Cold Wet Nose Show. This involves dogs being recalled from one end of the alley, and having to run to their owner while resisting the temptation of kongs filled with tasty treats which litter their route.

As you can see, some dogs manage this with more ease than others! Star (Bichon) eventually makes it to her owner, while Buddy (black Labrador) almost reaches his owner before running back up the course to find more kongs!

More Dock Dogs at the Cold Wet Nose Show

Dock Dogs is among the latest dog activities to arrive in the UK. In Dock Dogs, dogs jump off a dock into water. The length of the jump is recorded, with the aim being to get the furthest jump possible. Dock Dogs is a low impact activity, so dogs who find other activities too strenuous, can still participate. Older dogs, young dogs, and any size of dog can compete or just have a go.

Dock Dogs (Water jumping) at the Cold Wet Nose Show

Dock Dogs at the 2008 Cold Wet Nose Show.

Dock Dogs is one of the latest dog sports to arrive in the UK. It involves dogs jumping off a dock into water. The length of the jump is recorded, and the aim is to get the longest jump possible. Because of the low impact nature of the activity, dogs who find other activities too strenuous, can still participate in Dock Dogs. Older dogs, young dogs, and any size of dog can compete or just have a go.


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