Episode 183 - Amazing arthritis treatment and What to do if an off leash dog rushes you

Released Sat May 20, 2017
Length: 1:17:42
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Arthritis can affect the whole body, multiple joints, single joints. It can also affect the soft tissue, it can affect tendons and ligaments way before it gets to a joint. It could be an injury, a trauma, an accident - all of these things could be the precursor to a bigger disease coming in.

 - Greg McGarrell
Arthritis is a bit of a silent killer; it creeps up on you. 20% of the dogs in our country have arthritis - that's about 1.7 million dogs who have arthritis.

 - Greg McGarrell

In this episode scientist Greg McGarrell talks in detail about the amazing, innovative treatments that Nupsala offer. Harvesting stem cells from animals' fat or bone marrow, Greg can help repair some of the damage caused by arthritis and make life comfortable again. And even beyond this stage, when bone is touching bone in a joint, Greg can make life better for the animal and allow them to move again.

This is incredible, and every one who loves their dog should be listening to this, because one of the key things is to get treatment as early as possible. Since Nupsala is only accessible via a vet referral, it's essential to see your vet and ask if your dog is suitable for referral. The great news is that your insurance should cover this treatment.

To find out more about this life changing treatment which is giving dogs their quality of life back, visit the Nupsala website. And to show you how effective and transformative this treatment can be, here's the video of Sorrel, the German Pointer Greg and Julie discuss in the interview -

How to thwart an off leash dog rushing you and your dog

If I feel like it's necessary, I'll sometimes look at my dog and point and say, 'She's contagious!' She's not, it is a little white lie but it keeps the other dog away.

 - Sara Reusche

We've all had the alarming experience of being out and about with our dog, and being charged at by an off leash dog. Even if the dog in question is friendly, there are many reasons why you might want to stop the oncoming charge. And if the dog approaching you at top speed looks unfriendly, you definitely want to be able to stop him. Panic sets in in this scenario, and it can be incredibly difficult to know what to do to keep both you and your dog safe.

Sara Reusche is an experienced dog trainer and behaviourist, and has invaluable advice that will help you protect your dog and yourself. She has excellent tips on strategies you can use, develop and practise, so that should a off leash dog rush you, you will know what to do - and all her advice is dog and people friendly, so you don't have to worry about upsetting or harming the charging dog.

To find out more about Sara Reusche visit the Paws Abilities website, and for regular updates and training advice, like their Facebook page.