Episode 178 - Maxwell Muir

Released Sat January 21, 2017
Length: 0:50:37
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Maxwell Muir

What I mean by a natural and humane approach is to give a dog its due respect, to understand exactly what a dog is, what a dog's needs are, and how we should go about living, communicating and interacting in our everyday lives with dogs.

 - Maxwell Muir
Being out at work all day, that should go into your planning of your commitment in getting a dog in the first place, because it's an essential need that dogs need to be mentally provided for.

 - Maxwell Muir

This show is an in depth interview with trainer and behaviourist Maxwell Muir. As a trainer and behaviourist, a writer and a broadcaster, his mission is to help owners understand their dogs so they can find natural balance in their relationship. Max has been fascinated by dogs all his life, and love of and admiration for them shines through. If you're looking for a way to improve your bond with your dog, Maxwell has the advice you need.

In this interview you can hear Maxwell discuss the topics of three of the seminars he offers. He gives his insight into how to live in harmony with your dog via a natural and humane approach. Hopefully, the motivation for us all in sharing our lives with a dog is to make them one of the family, to make the happy and to be happy around them, and Maxwell knows how this can be achieved. Understanding your dog and being able to communicate effectively with him is hugely important, and you can hear Maxwell talking about this too. Our dogs daily enrichment and stimulation and Maxwell has some fantastic ides on how you can provide this for your dog. Listen to Maxwell and make 2017 a great year for you and your dog.

To find out more about Maxwell Muir, and the details of the seminars he offers, visit his Action 4 Dogs website. You can also find out more about Maxwell and get in touch with him via his Facebook page.


2017 is the sixteenth year that Buddy has been alive in - he was born back in 2002. Despite the odd health issus, and a slight loss of hearing, Buddy is looking forward to another year with his usual enthusiasm. Don't tell him he's an old dog - he still thinks he's a puppy! What are you hoping for from 2017 for you and your dog? Are you celebrating several years together, or just setting out on your journey together, let us know.