Episode 177 - Canine cancer

Released Sat December 17, 2016
Length: 0:44:09
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Canine Cancer

Dr. Patrick Mahaney helps dogs with cancer.

Dr. Patrick Mahaney helps dogs with cancer.
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Cancer is a subject that many of us shy away from, but we need to, because there are steps we can take to minimise our dogs' chances of being affected by it, and if they are diagnosed with cancer, there are effective treatments available. There is hope - you can help your dog survive a diagnosis of cancer, and in the event of a terminal diagnosis, there are treatments to make life as comfortable as possible.

You can hear Dr Patrick Mahaney talking to host Julie about canine allergies in Episode 170, and you can find out more about him at his website. You can also keep up to date with Patrick on his Facebook page and his Twitter page.

In the UK you can help support the Animal Health Trust's work to fight canine cancer.

If you have lost a dog to cancer, first of all we are very sorry, and we would like to support you as you grieve for your canine companion. We have several episodes which offer advice and suggestions to cope with dog loss. Episode 67 is called Coping with the loss of a dog. Episode 93 focuses on The Healing Art of Pet Parenthood.   In Episode 94 we discuss Finding Peace After Pet Loss. Episode 110 deals with Recovering from Pet Loss, and Episode 173 offers advice on Pet Loss and End of  Life.