Episode 166 - Pam Dennison - You CAN Train Your Dog

Released Sun March 1, 2015
Length: 1:11:45
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Pam Dennison

If you let the dog win, the dog will not - I promise - will not think that they are dominant over you. What happens is, when I'm playing tug with my dogs, I let them win and they bring it back to me, "Come on, let's play some more!"

 - Nathalie Ingham

Pam offers you the benefit of her insights from living with and training dogs for many years.

Pam offers you the benefit of her insights from living with and training dogs for many years.
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In this interview Pam shares anecdotes about her own dogs.

In this interview Pam shares anecdotes about her own dogs.
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Pam Dennison is a dog trainer whose passion is making training clear and fun to the dog. She's a member of the Association of Professional Dog  Trainers, the Dog Writers Association of America, and is a Certified Animal behaviour Consultant with the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants. In this, her latest, book You Can Train  Your Dog, Pam  gives her step by step advice on how to train your dog, with lots of photographs to illustrate her points.

In a very accessible style, Pam explains the three laws of learning, and shows how you can break a behaviour down into tiny pieces which will help the dog understand what you want. For example, did you know that the recall behaviour is not  just one behaviour , but several combined? Pam's training advice has sometimes had unexpected and positive affects on her students' own lives, not just those of their dogs, and Pam tells these in this interview with great humour.

In this show you can hear Pam dispel various training  myths, and get to the truth of training - that you need to listen to your dog, his name needs to have positive associations for him, and what calming and stress signals are. There is also invaluable advice about making games part of  your training to keep it enjoyable and reinforce vital lessons. She also has some advice that may well surprise you - like letting you dog win in tug of war games will not create a problem. And also hear from Pam why playing self control games will  benefit your dog.

To find out more about Pam and to buy You Can Train Your Dog, visit her website. Here's what Pam says about the book:

A must have for pet owners, novice and experienced trainers! This book replaces my old book, "Complete Idiot's Guide to Positive Dog Training." (now out of print) This new, updated and expanded book has less fluff, more stuff!

The essence of modern dog training is understanding that it's impossible to teach a dog, "don't". Don't pull on leash, don't jump on strangers, don't chase the deer, don't, don't, don't. However, its very easy to teach a dog "do". Do walk calmly by my side, do sit politely for petting, do come instantly when I call. The difference is subtle, but significant. What do you want your dog to do instead? Once you have your "do's" in place, you'll be able to fix any problem that comes down the pike.

The art and science in this book will teach you all of the "do's". For every misbehaviour, there's a solution waiting for you here. You will learn about breaking down behaviours using a positive, proactive approach.

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