Episode 162 - Keller the double Merle and making training fun

Released Sat October 31, 2015
Length: 0:52:57
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Keller the double Merle

Double Merles are usually born with pretty unknown fates - are they going to find a family? Are the going to live? It's pretty sad.

 - Amanda Fuller

When Amanda Fuller first heard about the very young puppy who had been rescued from her breeder, who intended to shoot her, her heart went out to the dog. Keller's crime? She was the result of a double merle mating, and as such  was deaf and vision impaired, and so considered of no value by the person who had bred her. In this interview you can hear Amanda talk about the inspiring way Keller copes with life - but she asks why anyone would deliberately breed a dog for whom life will be harder than it should.

Amanda is on a mission now to educate people that double merle matings are a terrible idea. She's not on  her own - the UK Kennel Club will not register puppies produced from double merle matings, and well known trainer Victoria Stillwell has asked Amanda to write about the issue on her Positively website. You can keep up to date with Keller and Amanda on their Facebook page, and for more information about the subject of double merle matings and their consequences, visit Amanda's website.

Make training fun!

Training should be fun for the dog and the owner, that way you're both working together and you're both enjoying it.

 - Lyn Dubois

Lyn Dubois is a trainer who encourages her students to make training fun for their dog and themselves. She believes in that way owner and dog learn and strengthen their bond. Her training approach certainly gets great results with her own dog Tammy, a Belgian Shepherd who appears in online videos and photos performing impressive behaviours. In this interview she talks about some of the easy behaviours it's useful to teach your dog, both for trick training and for ease of every day living.

To find out more about Lyn and Tammy and to benefit from her training advice, visit the Tammys Dog Training website and keep up to date with them via their Facebook page. You can also have a laugh with Lyn and Tammy at their Tammy and the Twins Facebook page, and get acquainted with Tammy's equally talented co-star Harry at the Tammy and Harry Productions Facebook page. Here's the link to the cavaletti training Lyn mentioned in the interview.

Size doesn't matter to dogs

Meet the small dog with a big attitude - Jules the French Bulldog, who didn't take it lying down when two bears invaded her territory. Watch the footage from the security camera as Jules decides that the ursine duo are not welcome, and has no compunctions about letting them know that they should get going. We love the air of bewilderment about the bears as they jump back over the gate via which they access the garden.

Macie's Choice

Finally, if you're looking for something different to read, do check out Julie's book Macie's Choice, which puts the reader in charge of the plot, offering 2 choices at the end of every chapter. With over a million and a half words - that's over 5,000 pages, 256 chapters and 128 different endings - this is a new era in romantic fiction! Available on Amazon.