Episode 161 - Hands on First and Help! My Dog's Scared of Fireworks

Released Sat September 12, 2015
Length: 0:50:55
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Hands on First

In my particular state of Massachusetts, these dogs are not allowed into state unless they're quarantined first, so to get around the loophole the trucks park outside of state lines and people are invited to go to a parking lot and pick up the dog they were promised.

 - Melissa McCue McGrath

Melissa McCue McGrath is a trainer, writer and broadcaster who became increasingly worried about the amount of dogs with issues she saw who had been "trucked". This is a process whereby rescues can bypass state laws by delivering dogs to their new adopters from trucks which are parked outside state lines. Although many dogs do well in their new homes, some have significant problems - and some new owners have told Melissa that they have not ended up bringing home the dog they were promised.

To combat this problem, Melissa has come up with the Hands On First approach - that you actually go and meet the dog and get your hands on him (or her) before you agree to adopt him. This is a though provoking interview, as Melissa talks about how her training work and writing her book Considerations for the City Dog, have made her increasingly aware of the pitfalls that await uninformed adopters and buyers. Melissa also brings humour to this complex subject - and her toddler also helps the interview go with a swing, as you can hear. You can find out more about Hands on First at Melissa's Mutt Stuff blog, and you can also hear her at the Car Talk site.

Help! My Dog's Scared of Fireworks

With Bonfire Night looming in the UK, if your dog is afraid of fireworks, the time to take action is now. Wherever you live, fireworks are being used to celebrate more events throughout the year, so if you dog is scared of fireworks it can make life miserable. However, help is at hand, because Toni Shelbourne and Karen Bush have pooled their considerable expertise and written a comprehensive book to help you help your dog. There is a practical ten point action plan, and everything you need to consider to ease your dog's fear and make sure he is safe and secure during fireworks season.

Toni and Karen are aiming to write a whole series of Help! ebooks. You can find more about them here, and don't worry if you don't have a kindle or other e-reader device, because the books will download onto your laptop, smart phone, tablet and all sorts of other gadgets. You can find out more about the books and get in touch with Toni and Karen via their Canine Ebooks Facebook page and if you want to know more about Toni's Tellington Touch  practice or her experiences as a senior wolf handler, visit her Tellington Touch website or her twitter account.

Dogs in the headlines

Host Julie brings you the amazing news story of the young dog who survived six weeks being lost in Yellowstone National Park. By comparison, Tom Hardy's dog, Woody, had it easy accompanying his famous owner on the red carpet at a movie premiere. But perhaps the most heartrending dog news story recently is poor Kiko, the pit bull mix who defended his owner from an armed intruder, sadly ended up in rescue where he was found to be deaf, and is now at the age of fourteen awaiting a new loving forever home. To find out more about Kiko, and many other dogs like him who are waiting for a second chance at happiness, visit the Mighty Mutts website. 

Macie's Choice

Finally, if you're looking for something different to read, do check out Julie's book Macie's Choice, which puts the reader in charge of the plot, offering 2 choices at the end of every chapter. With over a million and a half words - that's over 5,000 pages, 256 chapters and 128 different endings - this is a new era in romantic fiction! Available on Amazon.