Episode 84 - Give a dog a home and raising puppies (part two)

Released Sat March 14, 2009
Length: 1:05:38
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Give a Dog a Home

Graeme and his dogs have a strong bond.

Graeme and his dogs have a strong bond.
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A rescue dog in the classic sense is one somebody else has decided not to have and you took over; you rescued it. A rescue dog could also be a dog that you’ve mis-trained for the last three years and only just realised your mistakes, so you have to rescue it from this regime that it did not enjoy before.

 - Graeme Sims

Graeme Sims is the shepherd who works up to nine sheepdogs at a time, each in a different language.

Now retired, Graeme, his wife and their pack of Border Collies have found peace in South Wales. Graeme's latest book is called Give a Dog a Home, and deals with some of the problems rescue dogs can encounter. Graeme talks about his definition of "rescue", and there can be many situations that a dog needs to be "saved" from.

As ever, Graeme talks with honesty, authority and a lot of humour. He has a lot of advice, gained through years of experience, but always has food for thought too.
You can find out more about Graeme at the Graeme Sims Method website.

Raising great puppies (Part two)

Jerrie has developed a different approach to raising puppies.

Jerrie has developed a different approach to raising puppies.
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Puppies that imprint on humans are the problem dogs, because they don’t realise they’re a dog, they don’t know how to interact with dogs, they’re the ones with all the behaviour problems.

 - Jerrie Wolfe

Jerrie Wolfe is an amazing breeder who allows her dogs the freedom and space to follow their instincts when it comes to bringing up their puppies.

With over thirty years experience of breeding her own dogs, Jerrie has the experience to back up her approach. The puppies she produces are well-balanced and confident, and most importantly they know how to be a dog.

It may sound strange, but young dogs need to learn how to read other dogs, how to take correction, and how to deal with dominance. Puppies need to play with each other, and to learn from older dogs. Jerrie's Cairn Terriers get the opportunity to do all that. They are successful as family pets, and in the show ring.

To find out more about Jerrie and her beautiful dogs visit her Rose Croft website, which includes her article packed with advice on raising pups with great temperaments.


The Journey, our fiction feature that began in the last episode concludes this time. The young Weimaraner was abandoned at the roadside - what will his future hold?

See you in april!

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