Episode 23 - Saving Shiloh and dogs in heaven

Released Sat August 12, 2006
Length: 0:38:07
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Phyllis Reynolds Naylor - Saving Shiloh

Are you familiar with the Shiloh novels written by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor? If not you're missing out!

The latest film, based on the third book of the trilogy, Saving Shiloh, is out on DVD on August 22nd 2006.

Phyllis is a prolific author, and in the Shiloh series, she tells the story of an abused Beagle, and the efforts of a young boy to rescue the dog.

The Shiloh films are not only great family entertainment, but will also make children - and adults - think about how we treat our animals, and how we make decisions and judgements about people.

It was a real life encounter with a mistreated Beagle that inspired Phyllis to write the Shiloh trilogy. In this interview you can hear how Clover, the abandoned Beagle Phyllis discovered, became a star in her own right, and how she found her own happy ending.

Saving Shiloh is available from August 22 at Amazon.com for $13.99.
The Complete Shiloh Film Collection box set of all three Shiloh films is available from August 22 at Amazon.com for $19.99.

Mary Buddemeyer Porter - Will I see Fido in Heaven

We love our dogs so much, and a dog's life is so much shorter than ours, that the heartbreak of losing them is the price we pay for sharing our life with such a wonderful companion.

Have you ever wondered what happens then? Do dogs have souls? Is there an afterlife for animals? Will we be reunited with our beloved pets in heaven? If any of these thoughts have ever occurred to you, this interview is for you.

Mary Buddemeyer Porter has written two biblically-based books on the subject, Will I see Fido in Heaven, and Animals, Immortal Beings. Here you can listen to her reassuring views on the subject.

So do all dogs go to heaven? - do any of them go? Here's your chance to find out.

If you would like to explore this area more, check out Mary's website

Will I see Fido in Heaven is avalailable at Amazon.com for $9.95

Dog news

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What really makes us happy? Is it a good job, a healthy bank balance, a successful romance, or a canine companion? We bring you the latest findings from the MORI poll commissioned by Pedigree.

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Dog Communication

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Host Julie considers what a dog's priority in communication is, and how they achieve this.

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