Episode 6 - Dog Whisperer and Dog hotel

Released Sat November 26, 2005
Length: 0:50:04
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Dog and Cat Hotel

A suite at America Cat and Dog Hotel
A suite at America Cat and Dog Hotel
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What arrangements do you make for your dog when you go on vacation?

In this episode find out about the luxurious accommodation available at the America Cat and Dog Hotel, in Las Vegas.

It's certainly not a "dog's life" here - with every suite having its own television!

Dog Whisperer

The Dog Whisperer
Have you ever wondered what a dog whisperer actually does?

Listen to Steve Fryer as he shares his experiences with us from his years facilitating communication between people and dogs.

Steve has helped countless families experiencing problems with their dog - but guess how many times he's been bitten. You'll have to listen to find out!

Interview: Shirlee Kalstone, author of "How to Housebreak Your Dog in Seven Days"

Toilet training your dog can be a frustrating experience.

Shirlee Kalstone's book "How to Housebreak Your Dog in Seven Days" has invaluable advice for anyone struggling with this problem.

In this interview, find out how understanding the fundamental nature of the dog will give you an advantage in housebreaking your dog.

This is must listen radio! You can buy "How to Housebreak Your Dog in Seven Days" at Amazon for $7.99.

Website review: Your Purebred Puppy

Your Purebred Puppy Logo

Have you ever wished you could find a source of absolutely realistic dog breed advice? Well your search is over - try www.yourpurebredpuppy.com.

Here Michele Welton will tell you the pros and cons of almost 200 dog breeds.

For the A-Y (there is no Z!) of dog breeds, check out this site.

Buddy's Diary

Buddy is generally a happy chap, but in his diary this time, he relates the few things that do trouble him.

The worst of Buddy's problems is his arch enemy, Vacuum.

News and issues

In the DogCast Radio news, do you know who Jennifer Anniston's favourite room mate is?

Also find out about the latest "designer breed", that's sweeping across America, and has now made it to Australia.

However, Australians tell it like it is, and there are objections that huge sums of money are being exchanged for what is essentially a mongrel.

The subject is followed up in our issues section, so if you want to have your say on it - get in touch.

Other items

All this plus catch up on Buddy's tattoo, a website review on a site that gives you realistic breed advice, and some of our favourite dog quotes.

Happy listening!