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Training and intelligence
It is usually difficult to get a reliable recall with a Bloodhound if they are distracted by a scent. Once a Bloodhound is follwing a trail, he will put his head down and go! For their own safety, this breed is often exercised on lead, to prevent them wandering off and into trouble. Patience and consistency are the key with a Bloodhound, and since they do escell at tracking training them in that would seem a good idea.

Bloodhounds are very friendly, and they will give enthusiastic, if somewhat wet kisses, given half a chance. They are good natured and tolerant with children, although care must be taken just because of the sheer size of this large dog. They make a large variety of noises, and while they are generally easy-going, they can become absolutely determined to follow a scent.

Attitude towards strange dogs and people
Bloodhounds are friendly and welcomng to everyone. They have traditionally been used to track, not attack, and they have no real guarding instincts. They can be very demonstrative in showing their friendliness, and with such a big dog, it must be borne on mind that some strangers will find this overwhelming. They are generally no problem with others dogs.

Grooming and shedding
The Bloodhound's coat is short and so requires minimal grooming, although it will shed. However, there are other maintenance jobs to be completed on a regular basis. Bloodhounds ears must be cleaned to keep them healthy, and the eye can become infected if dirt is allowed to build up in it. Bloodhounds apparently have a hound odour about them; while some poeple accept this happily, others may dislike it.

When on a trail, a Bloodhound is focussed and indefatigable, however the rest of the time, they are fairly laid back and even lazy. Your fencing must be dog proof, becuase if an enticig aroma reaches this dog's nostrils he will follow it wherever it takes him, so it's up to you to keep him safely enclosed.

Need for company
A lonely Bloodhound is an unhappy Bloodhound. These dogs want to spend time with their family. They love their people, and are freely affectionate to everybody. Their gentle and sweet nature can tip into melancholy if they do not receive the attention they crave.

The outstanding feature of these dogs is their phenomenal tracking ability. St. Hubert, who is the patron saint of hunters, is credited with advancing the development of Bloodhounds in the seventh century. The same folds of skin that help channel smells to the nose can accumulate saliva and slobber, which in one shake of the head can be all across its surroundings.

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Jezebelle, our female bloodhound.  A quiet beauty, inherited from a dear friend.  She had a litter of 12 this spring~ was expecting when she came to us~ we kept one puppy, Ursula.

Jezebelle, our female bloodhound. A quiet beauty, inherited from a dear friend. She had a litter of 12 this spring~ was expecting when she came to us~ we kept one puppy, Ursula.

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Badger : Bloodhound

Dogs name: BadgerOwners Name: This is Badger! He is really friendly.

Dogs name: Badger
Owners Name:
This is Badger! He is really friendly.

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