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Whippet (Comprehensive Owners Guide)

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Elegant and affectionate, the Whippet rose from his humble beginnings as the "poor man's greyhound" to become an agile professional race dog and a highly prized companion and show dog. Today the breed enjoys great popularity around the world. The Whippet is hailed among the fastest of all sighthounds, ....

Pet Owner's Guide to the Whippet (Pet Owner's Guide)

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A new addition to the best-selling Pet Owner's Guide series, this book contains information on how to choose a healthy pet. Topics include choosing the right housing, establishing a regular routine of care, and advice on feeding and exercise. In addition, special attention is paid to health care and ....

Whippets (Barron's Complete Pet Owner's Manuals)

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The most extensive line of basic pet information and training guides on the market, Barron's Complete Pet Owner's Manuals are written by experts, and profusely illustrated with full-color photos and instructive, high-quality line art. Each manual is individually written. ....


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