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The Mastiff: An Owner's Guideto a Happy Healthy Pet (Happy Healthy Pet)

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This is our ninth set of Happy, Healthy Pet titles. Like the others, they are books that pet owners can turn to for the essential information they need to raise a happy, healthy pet. All books contain information on: feeding grooming housing health care what to expect from the pet basic training As ....

Mastiff: A Comprehensive Guide to Owning and Caring for Your Dog (Kennel Club Dog Breed Series)

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Deriving from ancient dogs from the Old World, the Mastiff remains one of the most fascinating living relics in the animal kingdom. Today's Mastiff, no longer used as a warrior, large-game hunter and animal baiter, has become an upright member of canine society, as a home companion, estate guardian and ....

The Mastiff: Aristocratic Guardian (The Pure Bred Series)

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Destined to become The Bible for Mastiff owners, this book examines the Mastiff's history and developement. A loyal guardian but gentle soul, this large dog was used in the Middle Ages for bull baiting and fighting for sport. Features tales and legends of Mastiffs, prominent kennels, health problems, ....


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