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The Bernese Mountain Dog Today (Book of the Breed S)

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This new book is a true celebration of the centuries-old Bernese Mountain Dog. Written from a global perspective, it relates the breed's origins as a reliable Swiss farm dog and traces its modern development as a top show contender, performance dog and treasured companion for the entire family. ....

Bernese Mountain Dog (Kennel Club Dog Breed Series)

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Waving the tri-colored flay of his native Switzerland, the Bernice Mountain Dog stops the crowd with his attractive jet black, rich red and white coat and his outgoing, good-natured smile. Fanciers regard the Bernese Mountain Dog as the most friendly and warm-hearted of all Working dogs. ....

Bernese and Other Mountain Dogs (Barron's Complete Pet Owner's Manuals)

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These increasingly popular breeds, including the Bernese, Greater Swiss, Appenzeller, and Entlebucher, have their own personalities and their own special needs. Here's all the information an owner or prospective purchaser needs in one fact-and-photo-filled volume. ....

The Bernese Mountain Dog: A Dog of Destiny

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This fabulous coffee table book will be treasured forever. The full range of the Breed is brought to you in full color. Never before have we been presented with such a stunning collection of fine photographs. ....


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