Battersea Greyhounds just want a quiet life

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Sally the Greyhound
Sally the Greyhound
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These Battersea Dogs & Cats Home residents are content to spend their day snoozing away on a pile of pillows or snuggled beneath a blanket. They emerge only for a short burst of exercise before flopping back down to take a well-earned nap.

No, we’re not talking about our cats. Meet Battersea’s real couch potatoes: our gorgeous Greyhounds.

Each year, dozens of ex-racers come into Battersea in search of a home. Having spent their entire lives on the racing tracks, all they want is a bit of love – and some space to chill out.

Despite the public image of this breed as lean and lithe exercise addicts, Battersea staff know better – Greyhounds want nothing more than to curl up and chill out for most of the day.

Battersea’s Rehoming Manager, Rebecca Fisher, said: “There are a lot of misconceptions about Greyhounds. People think they are unsuitable pets because of their racing background, but that couldn’t be further away from the truth. They’re so affectionate and so much more chilled out and lazy than our other canine residents.

“Contrary to popular belief, Greyhounds don’t need lots of exercise. Give them a 20-minute walk and they will happily spend the rest of the day lazing around. They love snacking and cuddling, and would really suit a relaxed family home.”

Sally is one of those dogs. When given the choice between a snooze and a full-on workout she heads straight for the duvets. During her 75 days at Battersea, this three-year-old has witnessed her friends head off with their new families. Having decided that enough is enough, Sally and her friends and fellow Greyhounds, four-year-old Joe and one-year-old Snowdrop, occupied the sofa room at Battersea to show the world what they are all about – rest and relaxation.

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