RSPCA have a big challenge finding home for giant dog who is still growing

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Bam Bam
Bam Bam
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Finding a forever home for any dog can be a challenge – but some are more of a challenge than others, through no fault of their own. One such dog is Anatolian Shepherd, Bam Bam. Already a very large dog at only a year old, charming Bam Bam is still growing, and needs special home with lots of love – and lots of space!

Bam Bam is currently at theRSPCA’s Sheffield Animal Centre, having been taken in by the Hull branch at just nine weeks of age. He was rehomed not long after that, but found himself back in rescue when his new owner’s circumstances changed.

“We had to move him to Sheffield Animal Centre, which has larger kennels, because the Hull branch literally couldn’t fit him in any more, and their facilities were struggling to cope with a giant breed,” Sheffield kennel supervisor Lisa Youle said.

“He came here at the end of January and we’re working really hard to find him the paw-fect home.”

Bam Bam already weighs 47 kg – and getting heavier day by day. He is 67cm tall, and measures over a metre from nose to tail. When he achieves his full adult size he could be more than 80cm tall, and weigh in at anything up to 65kg.

“Bam Bam is an amazing dog and ideally he needs an experienced home with big dog lovers!” Lisa added.

“He really is big and beautiful, but he wouldn’t suit every family so we’re trying to find him the paw-fect match.

“He’s such a cuddle monster and, although he’s a large, strong and powerful dog with lots of energy, he has the potential to be a wonderful pet and companion.

“We’d like to find him a home with experienced owners who can give him the mental and physical stimulation that he needs, and who can harness his strength and his active nature.

“When he first arrived back into our care he was super strong and very bouncy but we’ve worked hard to make him calm and relaxed around other dogs. We’ve also put in lots of time to improve his training and make him more manageable but any new owner will need to continue this work.”

With a working heritage, Anatolian mountain dogs require plenty of mental and physical exercise. While not the easiest of dogs to train, with patient and positive training methods, the RSPCA is hoping that Bam Bam will finally become a wonderful companion.

In light of his size and nature, the charity is looking for a rural or semi-rural home with neither children nor other pets. The Sheffield centre are ideally seeking a local home to enable their behaviourist and other staff who have worked with him to help Bam Bam’s new owner settle him in and make the transition from rescue to home as smooth as possible.

If you’d like to find out more about Bam Bam, please visit his online profile or call RSPCA Sheffield Animal Centre on 01142 898050.

To find out more about the RSPCA’s animals who are looking for new homes, please visit To help Sheffield Animal Centre continue rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals, like Bam Bam, please go online.

Big Bam Bam
Big Bam Bam
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